Weekend Warrior

Hey everyone,

Need a bit of advice. I’m a truck driver and am away from home 3-4 days a week which only allows me to train/ride on the weekends. I’m usually home Friday evening and leave Monday afternoon. I’ve never really trained but just basically noodles around. I’ve been doing SSB1 for 4 weeks now and just moved everything to be those 3 days straight on the weekend. So far so good as I’ve also managed to add a 4th day as my schedule allows.

I’ve felt good, managed to do the workouts without dropped intensity or duration but I’m concerned going ahead whether this will be sustainable as the workouts ramp up.

What advice are you looking for?

Just keep trucking(pun intended) along with the plan unless it starts to be an issue.

Could you throw a bike and a trainer into your truck? A trucker friend of mine trains like this fairly regularly (no clue the specifics of his setup )