Weekend group/endurance rides

So my first structured build plan is coming to an end. I want to start another plan, but I see that most plans has a scheduled interval session on saturdays. Through spring and summer I prioritize group/endurance rides on saturdays and sundays, since I do not race, but just really love to train and get better. How can I come around that?

What volume plan are you using, masters or not masters?

You can modify your plan so you don’t have intervals on Saturdays. I changed mine to doing intervals on Fridays. If you click on the start of the training block in Calendar, you can go in and edit the type and duration of workout for each day of the week.

For some reason I had a little trouble getting this to work. But when I reached out, customer service fixed it right away.

Put your group rides in as C events, and let the plan work around them. Also shift your interval days away from the weekend.

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Does this work with a weekly group ride?

Absolutely. Go into your calendar, add “Other Activity”, and then fill in the time and estimated difficulty. Alternately, add a race, Gran Fondo, C priority, and set the time and difficulty appropriately. Your schedule should adjust.

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Loooove it! :raised_hands: You can definitely follow a TrainerRoad Training Plan and prioritise Group Rides. I’ll outline my suggestions below.

Since you are on a High Volume Plan, you have a couple of options:

  1. As @BrianSpang said, you can customise your Workout days so that you fit your most important Workouts around your Group Ride. That way, you can simply skip a less important Workout to do the Group ride and have confidence that you will still make progress because you will have completed the key Workouts throughout the week.

  2. Reduce your Training Plan Volume so that you have at least one extra rest day to add your Group ride into your weekly schedule.

How to customise your scheduled Workout days:

  1. When you are going through Plan Builder, you will get to the Schedule section. Simply drag and drop the Workouts to the days that suit your schedule. See below.

  1. Once a Training Plan is on your Calendar, go to the annotation that marks the start of the Training Block, as @BrianSpang has helpfuly shown below:

That will show you a box like the one below.

You can drag and drop Workouts to the days that suit your schedule best.
From here, you can also change your Plan Volume if you choose to do that.

Once you have made the changes you wish to make to your Plan Volume and training days, click “Update”.

Adjusting your Plan Volume and/ or your scheduled Workout days will allow you to customise your Training Plan so that you can keep crushing those Group Rides!

Let me know if you have any questions about this!


So I just scheduled the Rolling Road Race plan. Not that I’m planning to race, just trying to peak this summer… For the fun of it…

I have switched friday and saturday, which makes thursday and friday back to back interval days. I will probably have two long group rides most saturdays and sundays. Like +2-3 hour rides… My schedule looks like this attached example, just with the following week being a recovery week, followed by a more or less identical 4 week block:

Do I just let adaptive training take care of things from here?? :blush:

Ooooof, that’s a lot with two Group Rides. I’d suggest you switch to a Mid Volume plan (at most) to prevent back to back interval workouts.

Then Adaptive Training will take care of the rest, to ensure your training load is productive and you make progress without becoming burned out :+1: (edited)

I would say move to a masters plan with your interval days during the week. Then have weekend fun but be careful how fatigued you are for the hard days.

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