Website unresponsive in Firefox

Appreciate it’s not the software per se, but it is

Running Firefox v100.0.2 on macOS 12.4. This occurs whether ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection’ is on or off.

This has crept in over the past fortnight. I cannot interact with any controls on pages under /app/, nor is the main content pane scrollable.

I see a number of errors in the browser console. Most are failures to get analytics software (Datadog, GA, Raygun), but typically the most critical one is obfuscated with minification :smiley:

Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The operation is insecure. app.01bec1d94e1019900ac9.js:1
    <anonymous> main.aot.ts:16
    Webpack 6

Thanks for reporting, by ‘this occurs’ are you experiencing a lingering spinner? Or a timeout error?

Switch to another app, come back to mobile Safari and TR forum page won’t reload. Been happening around a month or so. Just happened again. No real pattern that I’ve seen. Latest iPhone OS.

Kill tab and reopen is my workaround.

Thanks, Brian! Just to clarify; you’re experiencing this exclusively with the Forum?
The OP is referring to their TR career page so just wanna be sure!

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Yes, just on the forum and mobile Safari. Two extensions: Ad Blocker and Sauce for Strava. Thought the forum was on Unblock list, but I switched ad blockers and apparently forgot to unblock. Unblocking now in case that’s the issue.

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Keep me updated! Thanks!

Negative: no browser indicator, nor in-app spinner at this point.

I was going to go export a .har from the network pane, but it seems good this morning. Not changed anything at my end :laughing:

Thanks for clarifying. So by unresponsive you’re experiencing slow speeds? Is this exclusive to firefox?