Trainerroad on Chrome mobile freezing/ crashing

I have had a lot of issues recently using the Trainerroad website on Google chrome, on my android phone. It keeps freezing/ crashing and causing chrome to stop working. Have tried a little bit on Firefox and it seems better.

Thought the team would like to know!

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Same. Chrome with Android. Site freezes and crashes when I try to look at workouts.

Ditto. Would be good to get the increased functionality to the mobile app so I don’t need to go on the website by mobile.

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An updated mobile app is well into development.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have shared this with the team and we will begin looking into the issue right away. If you could also report this to our Support Team, it would really help us to track down the cause and work to eliminate the crashing in the future.

You can reach the team at support@trainerroadcom, and it would be helpful if you could include your:

  • Phone make and model
  • Operating system

Thanks in advance!

This was happening to me several weeks back and I reported it to support. They told me it was a known issue and they’re working on it. In the mean time, use Firefox.

I noticed that it was actually working fine in the last couple weeks.

However, when I view workouts now, the problem is back. Sigh.

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It has been a pain in the a@! for me as well. Only on occasions does the website not freeze ;/ It is particularly annoying as I have to go to my PC to load the workout in the browser and only from there I can push it to my Wahoo ( I do all my workouts via my headunit and not the app, works better for me ).

@geebutbut thanks for the Firefox tip, works perfectly. :+1::muscle:

I’ve been having this issue too - as a temporary workaround I find ticking the box to load the desktop version of the site usually helps (but I have to be quick and do it before it crashes…). Firefox is a great idea, will try that!

It seems to be working fine now…?