Trainerroad website issues

As of this evening trainerroad website is freezing. Anybody else got issues? Just updated iphone, but problem remains. is loading fine on my iphone, as always the url redirects to my career page.

Okay here.

Fine on Win10 PC, Chrome and wired connection.

Right, doesnt work properly on ios/firefox as of latest versions. My calendar does not load fully, the menu is not accessible, actually the site freezes partly or even fully and is not usable.
I have not tried other browsers.

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OK on my Windows desktop.

Seems to be a firefox on IOS problem, just tried edge and all works fine

IOS on my phone is working again!

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i think they added multi language support yesterday, since yesterday i get a Popup during login with the infomation to change the language in TR Web to my local language:



So, now on Edge/IOS the site does not work either

Glad it’s up for you now.

It works fine for me with safari on iOS and Mac and chrome on windows 10.

So, Am I really the only one with troubles on IOS? Neither on Safari, Edge nor Firefox does the Calender work properly. The language questions pops up as long as I do not switch to the systems language (German). Choosing english does not work. Ok, that I do not care about.

But then plenty of pop up menues dont work, I have to reload the page, switching between days keeps the workouts the same although I choose different days where clearly a different workout should be shown in detail. Switching between indoor and outdoor description do not work etc… i could go on.

I am really surprised there arent more users with troubles? Do you all use desktops? There all works fine for me too… on IOS it is a mess.


pop-up blockers, ad blockers? I have mine disabled for

Are you on beta iOS?

No, normal ios woth all latest updates

I was also having trouble with the website for a couple of days. iOS 14.4 and Chrome. Language selection seemed to be causing issues as I was prompted several times. Works now though.

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Windows 10 PC, was not able to upload a training for ca. 30 minutes. After that everything was fine again.

Hi, thanks - yes, I have Adblockers on my IOS and also on my Desktop. No problem with the Desktop Site despite strong Adblocking or Anti-Tracking Plugins.
On IOS I switched off all of that too, in Firefox, in Edge, in Safari…still… on IOS the Site is not usable

FWIW I’m on Mac (Safari and Chrome) and iOS (mobile Safari) with ad blockers (disabled for TR) and don’t have any problems with this forum or TR website.

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Maybe this issue fits in here:

On the topp of the forums homepage there is now a different link than before: earlier it lead to the TR homepage and in case I was logged into the forum I was redirected to my TR profile directly.

now it leads to the AT site

Logged into the forum clicking on this link I am redirected not to my profiles page but to a new window where I am logged out looking at the general AT website.

When I log into the TR site only then am I redirected to my profiles page looking at my upcoming workouts, calendar etc.

Now another curious thing:
Doing this at the same time I am being logged out of the forum.

So I end up being logged out of the forum, am logged into the TR profile, re-login to the forum, and once I click on the AT link at topp of the site, I am being logged out again.

That happens on windows/firefox, on ios/firefox and ios/safari.