HR Monitoring Watch

Hey all, long time Apple Watch here looking to simplify and pick up a watch that I can actually wear for more than a day without needing to charge. AW with cellular used to make sense when I was running but I’ve given up on that and the watch is borderline useless and often a distraction.

I see two options - Find a simple field watch that is nice enough to wear with a suit at work or try to find something that monitors HR, sleep and has a silent alarm.

For option two, about the best thing I’ve been able to come up with is the Withings Steel HR. Seems like it would do the trick and has pretty huge battery life.

Not interested in Garmin because they’re smarter than what I’m looking for, don’t need GPS on the watch and have a Wahoo bike computer and don’t want to enter another ecosystem.

Any recommendations?

Polar FT1 - basic HR Monitor lasts for years.

That one doesn’t quite tick the “looks good with a suit” box.

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I briefly looked into something very similar. Ultimately chose not to get anything, but the Withings was top of my list.

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I know you said no garmin, but i also didnt do my course on consent

Thanks. The Garmin does look pretty nice but so does the Withings and since I already have a Nokia scale Withings would probably be the better choice.

Not sure I’ll make a move but there are some options.

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Oura Ring looks interesting but fairly expensive.

Have you thought about the Polar Vantage M or Polar Ignite?

I just got my Vantage M and I anm really impressed! Sleep metrics are arguably the best in the industry combining HRV, HR, and Breathing rate into a simple daily score. You can confirm with DCrainmaker review of Ignite. Vantage has same sleep metrics. It also combines all activities 24/7 into a metric of if you are training, detraining, or over reaching. Everything it does is fairly simple and straight forward. I got it primarily to track and work on my recovery/rest and I am really glad I bought it. I link it to my heart rate strap and smart trainer for my TR workout to get tracked and I use the optical HR for lifting. I compared both and for me they are within a couple beats of each other.

Anyway, of you buy the green version, it comes with a second fabric style wrist strap that to me looks great to wear with work/dressy clothes.

Heres the Amazon link:

Also check out this Facebook group where they compare all the fitness trackers for athletes. They alike the vantage and ignite as well.