Oura ring- Any users?

Anyone using the Oura ring? I see no need for a Fenix5 as I always use a cycling computer.
Looking at the Oura ring for tracking recovery, RHR, and sleep.

Seems to be like the whoop but no monthly$ and you get to lose the wrist strap?

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I have one, and really like it. The upsides are 1) combined measures of recovery (resting heart rate at night, HRV through the sleep cycle, body temp at night, and other metrics such as how long it takes for your resting heart rate to stabilize) which add up – at least for me – to estimates of “readiness” which correspond fairly well to how I feel during that day’s workout. The ring has also given me advanced warning (via a declining readiness score) on a couple bugs that I was able to fend off. 2) I wear an old school watch that I love, so I am not wearing two watches, 3) long battery life…full charge takes a bit over an hour, and lasts for about 6 days. I hate charging things, so that’s a big plus for me. Downsides are that (1) the ring does not give you instantaneous measures of heart rate during the day…HRV, heart rate, and body temp are only tracked while sleeping. Activity during the day is also not tracked super accurately, it would seem. I have my iPhone’s Heath App synched with my Wahoo app, and the Oura sucks up the Health data, so that allows me to keep track of my bike workouts a bit more accurately. (2) In the past, the wait times for the ring have been a bit ridiculous (some people paying for and not receiving the ring for up to a year later, but I gather they have improved on this quite a bit (not a sustainable business model!), and now have fairly reliable estimates for when the ring will ship. Hope that helps, feel free to fire away with any other questions!

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I’m considering giving Oura Ring a try. I understand there are some coupon codes provided to previous purchasers for $75 off. Is there anyone willing to share their code with me (through PM please) and I’ll pay it forward to the group if I get a purchase code too.

I checked my app for a discount code, and it said “from time to time we run special offers, and we’ll alert you when the next one comes up”. I’ll keep an eye on it, and if a coupon code comes up, I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

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Got mine in October last year. The sleep recording works great. I have horrible sleep habits: staying up late, late workouts, falling asleep on the couch watching TV, etc. It does a really good job figuring out when I’ve actually gone to sleep (vs sitting there in the dark watching tv) and actually woken up for the day, and any wake-ups in between (bathroom, turn off the tv, move to bed, etc). It’s nice to quantify my time spent sleeping, in that regard. Mostly I just pay attention the “deep sleep” time and total sleep time figures. Usually my deep sleep is concentrated in the early 1/3 of the night with a cumulative 70+/- minutes. If it’s a lot less than that, or spread evenly all over I probably got horrible sleep and feel terrible.

The hrv and rhr (resting hear rate) is recorded continuously overnight. There’s a few patterns I’ve noticed, but I’ve had trouble doing anything concrete with them. Ie, I’ve never not-trained because of those values. At best they just confirm that I feel like crap (usually because I didn’t get enough sleep).

I don’t like any of the day-activity nags – that aspect just doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve basically turned off all the notifications from the app. Wearing the ring during a trainer workout it does a pretty good jobs figuring out I’m doing something high-intensity, but usually I put it on the charger when I’m working out. Entering bike workouts manually is fine, but if you don’t do it before the day is over you’ve lost your chance (and I do evening workouts a lot and forget until 12:01 and miss it!). I looked into their api to try and automate strava workouts going into the oura-cloud, but it doesn’t look like you can write workouts, only read summaries. It might actually be more interesting to see oura data on the TR calendar or TSS timeline…


Thank you. I found a $50 reusable code on one of the youtube video reviews. Now for the crazy long wait.

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I got mine around November last year after ordering in June. The wait time is long, but so far I really like it. As the above posters said, the activity tracking isn’t great. I am using it for sleep tracking which I feel like it does a much better job at than the Fenix 3 HR that I had, or the Apple Watch that I have now. My readiness score corresponds fairly well with how I feel doing workouts later that day. I like watching the HRV, body temp and respiratory rates that it tracks at night, feels like a good indicator of when I might be over-reaching or starting to come down with a cold or sinus issues.


I am getting mine today. I know that HRV4Training’s app will now read HRV data from the Oura Ring. Seems like a good combination.

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I’ve had hit or miss luck with getting HRV4T to read data from the Oura cloud. I believe there is a delay getting data sync’d to the Oura cloud app (from your mobile device app) and often requires me to “backup files” in the Oura app to get the sync started. You then need to trigger HRV4T to get the data from the cloud. HRV4T will only get the current day’s data so if you miss a day, you are out of luck. The whole process is a bit fiddly and my enthusiasm for trying to get it to work every morning is quickly waning.

I don’t have an Oura ring (yet) but I thought I saw a recent HRV4Training app update note about it. :thinking:

Maybe @marco_alt could let us know if there are plans to improve the Oura integration?

The latest HRV4Training app does support Oura ring data. It does not connect directly to the ring; it reads data from the Oura Cloud service. Sometime after you wake, you hit the “Read from Oura” button, just like you did when you took a morning HRV4T reading with your HRV capable HRM or your phone’s camera. The problem occurs when the data from the Oura app (after syncing with Oura ring) doesn’t sync to the Oura Cloud and hitting the “Read from Oura” button only returns an error while trying to connect. This requires repeated attempts and sometimes hitting the “backup files” option in Oura app to get data to the cloud prior to trying HRV4T.

Right now the problem, as I see it, exists on the Oura side, not HRV4T. However, it might a cool feature to have HRV4T automatically fetch Oura data in the morning and continue to try periodically after failed attempts, then notify the user that the data is available. PNG


The integration works fine, as explained in our blog post data can only be read via Oura cloud, and you can sync Oura cloud whenever you want by using the backup functionality in the Oura app.

Long story short, if you prefer to use the ring to collect data, when you wake up you should do the following:

  • open the Oura app, synch the ring and tap backup data (which syncs with oura cloud)
  • open HRV4training and read your data

Note that you can also do this later during the day, obviously there is no need to do it first thing in the morning if you are not measuring your HRV using our app, but I’d recommend maintaining the routine as this way you’ll also maintain the good habit of checking in with yourself and assessing your condition subjectively via the questionnaire.



Same experience. I can even see that by going to the OuraCloud via the browser that despite the app saying it synced it did not OR the data is not ready.