Wear Down REALLY Fast After 60 Minutes on Trainer

I have what seems to be a fairly persistent issue.

I’m on the low volume short power build right now. First began structured training this year with trainerroad, having done SSB before this.

I generally feel good throughout the 60 minute workouts. The 90 minutes, I noticeably run out of gas right around the 60 minute mark. I have a couple of questions regarding this, and I’m fully aware all of them could likely be answered with an “it depends…” I should also note that I generally complete nearly all of these workouts…but the last 20-30 minutes is a really tough slog, and some of them require backpedaling, extended recovery valley times, etc, that I did not even come close to requiring during minutes 1-60.

  1. Is this just normal? IE, HTFU?

  2. Is it likely a fueling issue? For these longer rides, I DO generally try to get a larger carb centered meal in me 2-3 hrs before the ride, and keep that meal + what I take in on the bike, (a couple hundred calories worth of gatorate) = what I burn on the bike, which is usually in the 1000-1100 range for 90 minutes.

  3. Am I just new at this? AKA out of shape? IE…HTFU?

  4. Anything else I should consider?

Eat more on the bike. See if that fixes it. You should be aiming for ~600 calories, mostly carb on a 90 minute session.

Likely not a HTFU situation, but it could be. Given you eat 2-3 hr prior I wouldn’t say it’s a food/fuel issue either.

Did you complete SSB 1 and 2 prior to starting Short Power Build? How much weekly TSS did you carry into the build phase? As in, tell us what your last 6 weeks were in terms of TSS progression.

It’s likely a muscle-endurance issue and the fact that short power build is a TOUGH plan. Given you’re new to training it’s going to be difficult.

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Might try adding some carbs 15 minutes before you start your workout (like a gel or cliff blocks or honeystinger waffle) and try something better than Gatorade maybe like a few Cliff Blocks + Gatorade. Short Power build is tough no doubt about it. Cliff blocks should be easy enough to find. I can get them at local bike shops and grocery stores around here. Its the easiest / cheapest box to check off of your list.

Sure. So I started with SSB Mid Volume 1. Decided that that was probably a bit too much, backed off after completing it and moved to SSB Low Volume 2. With the Low volume, I generally added 1 45-60 minute endurance workout a week in addition to following the plan precisely.

Ok. At the very least from the responses…it seems that I should not just be expecting to see a big jump in fatigue and/or drop in power 60 minutes into a trainer workout then, correct? As in…this is something that can/should be corrected?

The 90 minute workouts in Short Power Build are very tough. Early in the plan they are either longer duration sweet spot or threshold with intensity and turn into high-intensity repeats in the last half of the plan. Anything with an IF of .9 and 100+ TSS is going to be VERY HARD. I think this is a muscle-endurance issue coupled with being new to training and attempting a difficult build plan.

Keep in mind that we’re focusing on quality, so if you have to extend the rest valleys that is ok, however, repeatability is also a goal of short power build. Being able to hit it hard, barely rest, and hit it hard, over and over and over. If your FTP is set right, you shouldn’t be cruising through these like you did the 60 minute workouts, the last 20-30 minutes should be a slog, but shouldn’t be so difficult that you have to backpedal mid-interval or have your form fall apart.

Moving forward I would do these two things: 1) Have a good snack prior to the ride (banana, simple carb, etc) and then dial the intensting back 5%. See what happens, and go from there.

I’m curious as to why you opted for short-power build? Can you tell us about your goals?

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Got it. Well doing short power as I’ll be racing a season of cyclocross races in the fall, and likely will start doing some crits over the spring/summer as well. Seemed like the logical build choice. I don’t see myself doing any long road races, or time trials.

Now looking over the last several weeks…while my perceived effort went way up from 60-90 minutes…I didn’t actually struggle too badly to keep consistent power going. Finishing up SSB, I managed Mary Austin-1 and Palisade just fine, and actually crushed lion rock last weekend, taking erg mode off and riding above power and doing a max sprint at the end of the last interval.

Seems like the greater issue has just been this week, having a hard time with the last set of Joe Devel, and then the last interval of Bondcliff yesterday. Almost makes me wonder if I’m coming down with a cold or something. My wife has been sick for the last week lol :frowning:

CX racer here too. This is individual, but I like a slower progression to my season and prefer to focus on longer duration intervals with some VO2 work sprinkled in to really build up good muscle endurance to allow me to get through a long season. And really hit the intensity around July/August in time for the start of the MN CX season in September. It makes sense that you would focus on short-power if you’re plan is to race crits this spring.

Did you take a full recovery week in between base and build? Also, given that your FTP probably went up from 12 weeks of base, by that alone the build phase will be more difficult. A lot of people don’t account for this. Simply a 5% raise in FTP could equate to 10-20w increase in wattage on any given interval, that’s a lot.

I took the full recovery week as scheduled at the end of SSB2, then went right into build the following week. So 1 week of recovery, but no additional break.

I would have thought the same thing about just not being used to a higher FTP (10 watts…) but I had zero issue with lion rock last weekend. I’m going to chalk this up to either sickness or accumulated fatigue I think. You’re right about short power being tough. I don’t really think the workouts themselves are hard exactly…but I DEFINITELY feel it more afterwards.

Though as general practice I probably should be getting more calories in on the bike as well.

I used to be the same. 60mins fine, over 60, faded fast. I now eat more before longer rides and also have biscuit or something after about 20-30 mins of ride and much stronger.

I don’t think the program allows for enough long endurance rides and people don’t do proper endurance rides outside (spend too much time in active recovery or coasting) on their LSD. I think @Nate_Pearson was onto something with his high use of Baxter.

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  • What in the program (app?, plans?) prevents these rides?

I should have typed, “includes.” It certainly allows :slight_smile:

Many of the plans default to the Sweet Spot rides for the “long” Sunday ride. This is done with keeping training time on the trainer to a minimum. Most people don’t like or tolerate rides over 2 hours on the trainer.

But if you read the Weekly Tips, you will see recommendations of longer, Endurance zone rides (instead of the SS ones). These can be done inside or out, and most are 2.5 hours or longer.

Point being that they do offer solid suggestions for those that want the longer rides. It just isn’t the default.

Agree! Many opt to not do the longer endurance trainer ride or don’t do a proper outdoor endurance ride and run into the issue being discussed here.

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Well, that will likely change when the weather turns, with a 2-4 hr ride every weekend for me.

My experience is that for sub-threshold rides of 60 minutes or less, I don’t need to worry about fuelling at all. But I definitely have to fuel for rides over 60 minutes, no matter if they are over or under threshold.

Way too much. I thought the rule of thumb is you can only digest 1 gram of carbohydrate per minute. With 1g carb = 4 cal, that means 360 calories from carbs per 90 minute session.

Upper limit is 100g/hour. So 150g for 600 cal. Shoot for the moon and shit your bibs.