Wax Chain, Canada, Where best to buy supplies and parts

Hello, I am considering embarking on the move to waxing vs using dry lube on my chains.
I live in Canada. Just to confirm, would most people choose waxing over dry lube if most all of your riding is indoors on trainer or riding in fair to good weather only (I choose to not ride in the rain for the most part)?
I am taking stock of all the stuff I need and there are a few things I don’t know where to get, and then also I am wondering where the best place to purchase things as well, living in Canada (for shipping and duty considerations).

So, my questions are:

  • Where can you buy denatured alcohol in Canada
  • Where is the best place to buy the ultrasonic cleaner in Canada? Amazon.ca? 2.5L sounds like the recommended size?
  • Where is the best place to buy chains? I have both an 11 speed and an 8 speed, and they both run Shimano systems (hopefully I can get quick links from the same place)
  • If I am going to need to buy jars to soak and rinse the chains, any good suggestions as I don’t have any mason or mason-like jars with lids currently (just buy 16oz mason jars from amazon.ca?)
  • Wax for everyday use (not the fancy race stuff)?

Thank you for any assistance for a first timer considering moving to waxing.

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Denatured alcohol: any hardware store or paint store will do
Ultrasonic cleaner: try Princess Auto for deals, also Bed Bath & Beyond sells them
Chains: local bike shop
Instead of a jar you can use an old tupperware container w/lid, but really even just scrubbing w/a toothbrush on an aluminum pie plate is fine if you’re desperate
Paraffin wax: Michaels, a grocery store that sells home canning stuff, Canadian tire, Wal-mart, Amazon.

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eBay or Amazon for the US cleaner and probably the wax if you don’t to use Molten Speedwax. If you don’t use Molten Speedwax you want to get food grade paraffin. Denatured alcohol is usually on the shelf right next to mineral spirits from wherever you buy that at.

YBN quicklinks can be found on amazon/eBay and work with any chain and they make a multiple use version.