Factory waxed chains

Where can I buy a chain that has been waxed already? I don’t have the ability to wax a chain but I want one for my A event.

Also if there are multiple who has the best (read fastest)?

I don’t think there are any “factory” waxed chains, but I think there are a couple of places that will sell you a newly waxed chain (or wax one you supply). The first one that comes to mind is:

There’s also the ceramic speed UFO stuff, but I don’t know much about that:


KMC had a chain which is waxed with squirt dry lube

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Aerocoach do a waxed chain.

The Muc Off nano tube chain is good too

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+1 for Wattshop

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I forgot I’d seen the aerocoach one. It looks really cool too:

Rather than go through the process of cleaning the factory grease from my new chains, I went with a pre-waxed chain from Molten Speedwax. You’ll still need to clean the grease off the rest of your drive train before putting it on. If you want to switch to waxed chains full time, you might want to still invest in a small crock pot and a small ultrasonic cleaner.

The URL for Molten Speedwax:


I’ve been looking for this exact type of retailer!

Is there a shop that cleans/waxes chains for you in the US?

I’d like my KMC chains waxed, but seriously lack the time and desire to do it myself.

There is also premier bike. They also claim to treat the chain to make it faster.


+1 for CeramicSpeed UFO chain. Put one on my tri bike 2 months ago and that has made a HUGE difference.

Not sure what the shipping costs would be outside the UK but Muc Off sell a factory prepped chain all lubed up and ready to go: Nano Chain – Tagged "products"| Muc-Off UK

Slow to the discussion but this Aussie site may be of interest?