Crock Pot and Ultrasonic Size?

Wondering what sizes you are using for chain waxing. I know there is another thread but looking to get some recommendations.

Thinking about a 2L ultrasonic below that has 2 year warranty. Harbor freight has a 2.5l but 90 days. Not worried about heating as I will be using my electric kettle.

For crock pot does it need adjustable heat or just off, mid, high?

Thanks in advance

I have a 2L and for just a chain, that size is fine. Will work for most road cassettes, as well (up to ~36t, although you’ll need to angle it in). If you are going to do large MTB cassettes, you may have to clean it twice and flip the cassette around for the second cleaning.

Remember to clean your cassette when waxing chains…the residual grease on the cassettes will ruin your efforts to wax a chain. Same with chainrings (although you can do those manually pretty easily with some degreaser)

Thanks and no mtn bike as of yet but eventually down the line. Target has a 2qt crock for $9.99 so cheap for sure.

Never waxed the chain myself, so can’t really comment 100%, but I would think that size is fine.

I bought an “iced” chain a few years ago and just have them refinish it when needed. One of these days I’ll get around to some DIY waxing.

I use a 2L ultrasonic cleaner, works fine (one chain at a time). Mine also doesn’t have a heating element, but I heat the water to 70ºC in an electric kettle and that does fine (I haven’t actually measured the temp by the time I finish a cleaning step, but it successfully melts the wax already on the chain so I think it’s doing the job).

For the crock pot, I’m using a small one - 1.5qt - that’s circular, and the chain fits. Mine only has “high” and “low” settings and it works just fine, but I haven’t run it at “high” with paraffin in it over night to see if I accidentally burn my house down.

Found a 4 cup Rice Cooker at my local thrift store.

I use that without issue!

Thanks. I ended up getting a 2 qt crock from target today for 9.99 (high/low). Also got the Harbor freight 2.5l ultrasonic but might get one I saw one that has a 2 year warranty.

Now to get some wax and mineral spirits.

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That crockpot is the one I have and it seems like the perfect size to me. It takes a while to heat up but gets there eventually.

Cheap and serves the purpose for sure. Cannot go wrong for under $10.

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I’m pretty sure mineral spirits are not recommended for ultrasonic cleaners. I would avoid them…

I got a 3L one off Amazon for $80. I like the larger size to be able to do cassettes and chains together.

See below from Molten Speed Wax re: mineral spirits…

Because ultrasonic cleaners are powered by electricity, we can’t recommend using flammable solvents in them like mineral spirits and denatured alcohol. Instead, choose water based (aqueous) cleaning solutions that are non flammable. When combined with heat these solutions clean extremely well with one exception: they aren’t 100% effective in removing new, unoxidized grease from a new chain. If an aqueous solution is used in this situation a light film of grease will remain on the chain.

Mineral for initial cleaning of chains in mason jar. Not in ultrasonic. Will put simple green hd in ultra.

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Thanks. Will check it out as I am not sold on harbor freight one. Usually good with there stuff but these types are hot or miss.

phew…didn’t want you to blow up!

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I have the HF ultrasonic cleaner, and it has been working well for me. Large enough for most things, but not super bulky.
I picked up a ‘mini’ crockpot at goodwill, which is perfect for 1 or 2 chains, and doesn’t take much wax.

Used it yesterday to unclog my power washer carburetor and worked well. Also threw a couple of cassettes in there and pretty happy overall.

@Power13 yes I don’t want that either.

Now I am having the hardest time finding paraffin wax. Guess will wait for hobby hobby to open back up here in GA.

Walmart has paraffin, as will some other grocery stores. It is also used for canning, so any place that sells that kind of stuff should have paraffin. The brand I have seen there is ‘Gulf Wax’. Looks like some Ace hardware stores may have it as well. This should be pretty widely available.

Maybe I was in the wrong section as I did not go to canning. Reminds me though I need to get some more small mason jars so I can candy some more jalapeños. Yummy

Honestly my solution with new chains (if I didn’t buy them waxed) is to just ride them for a bit, and turn that new, unoxidized grease into the mess I love to avoid. Then the ultrasonic cleaner with Simple Green HD is up to the task and the chain will be wax-only from then on (and I have a little bike clean up to do). :laughing:

But also, Molten Speedwax and Zero Friction Cycling both seem to think that YBN chains get along great with an ultrasonic bath and wax from the get-go, so that’s another option if (like me) you’d prefer to avoid dealing with mineral spirits.