Any chain waxers in North Santa Barbara / South SLO counties?

Would you be willing to dip a couple chains for me if I need it on an upcoming trip? Or is there a shop that does MSW treatment in the area? Would be willing to pay.

I’ve got a 3-week trip coming up for a mix of work and visiting my mother, so not a cycling holiday but I’m bringing a bike and will hopefully get a decent amount of riding/training in. I think if I bring 2 chains I should just about get away without having to re-treat, but if there’s an easy way to get it done without buying my mom a new slow cooker she can never use then it would be good to know that the option is there. I live in Scotland and normally only manage to visit about once a year so it’s not really worth doing a setup at her house but it’s often enough to be worth finding out if there’s somewhere to do it.


In case you don’t get any replies I have some MSW/UltraSonic-cleaner/cooker and am headed to SLO the second weekend of March. Its 4+ hour drive from here. Send PM if you need help.


Thanks! I will shout you if I need to but hopefully I can find someone local rather than having you cart stuff around!

(I’m following the ZFC guides so unless California’s weather suddenly turns Scottish I probably don’t need any ultrasonic cleaning - just a re-dip. And I can do some boiling water rinses to help avoid dipping any grime in your wax!)

Let me know, my bad, I thought you wanted to wax some new chains!

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Lubes like the Silca Super Secret are the same wax and tungsten disulfide in a carrier. The carrier drys out and leaves a solid coating on the chain. I will wax a few times a year and before A races, but the rest of the time the drip lube is an excellent alternative. The nice thing about the drip wax lubes is they clean just as easily as a hot waxed chain. I toss mine if the sonic parts cleaner with just water and some dish soap at 55C. Five minutes later it is clean as a whistle (I always clean a clain before rewaxing so no dirt gets in the pot.)

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Good reminder. I was on Tru-Tension for about 18 months before starting hot wax and still carry a small vial in all saddle bags. I always find I end up having to get out the chain scrubber and maybe even a bit of white spirit again after though - doesn’t seem to just melt off like the hot wax.

Didn’t know a parts cleaner works so well with these waxes though - sounds vastly preferable to standing in my back garden with the chain scrubber going 2 rounds with degreaser followed by 5 with clean water! Might need to look into that on my return home.

Top Tip while I’m at it: I know lots of riders use takeaway sushi soy sauce bottles for spare lube, but if you’ve got a family member that vapes then these wee vape juice bottles are even better IMO and never leak. Need to get a knife under the edge of the nozzle and pry it out from the base as the top just rips off if you grab it with pliers, but otherwise really easy to use and a great size.