Watteam Powerbeat

Same here. To say I’m annoyed is an understatement…

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Have any of you had your Powerbeat start flashing red? I can’t connect to it at all. I hoped it was just because it needed to be recharged, but that did not help :frowning:

Mine worked yesterday. Although it is still in ANT+ mode thank goodness.
All their social media has disappeared too. I hope someone buys them out soon.

So If I just bougt a single watteam powerbeat G2 on ebay without refunds there´s no way I can´t use it? I can complete the app registration, any ideas? someone knows how to download an older version for ios so I can complete the registration and use my powermet??

I certainly wouldn’t risk it! I already own one and cannot get it to connect to the app, in any shape or form.
Save up for a Stages or similar.

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try again I got a new phone and the app didn’t work for a while. its working now

I got the app to activate but now it won’t connect to the Powerbeats. Hope this is a step in the right direction though.

Can you file a class action against a company that’s closed down?

Me too. I tried after seeing your post.
I’m not sure I want to try and connect to the unit! It’s so hit and miss, I’m scared it’ll get stuck on BLE and then not be able to get back to ANT+!

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Hello, I have powerbeat single (don’t sure generation) and few strange issues.
I used it on trainer all time and everything was ok: ANT+ mode to connect to computer with ANT+ dongle and Zwift, zero calibration every ride and it was fine - results was very, very similar to estimated by Tacx Smart Genius trainer.

I also used it few times outdoors and last time had big issues. First, before start made zero calibration and it displayed “2600” on left. Strange, because ealier displayed 800-850 every time. When I started riding, computer shows huge power 2500-3000 W, it isn’t normal.
Tried zero few times again during ride - without real success, because value dropped down (to about 1400) but meter didn’t work correctly - it was ok 3-4 minutes, and after that said “0 W”.

Nom I’m back to trainer, clean all, mount - zero calibration again says 800-850. When I start riding, power is too small I think - 60-80 W on powerbeat vs 160-180 W on Genius. I made FTP test using genius and on 350 W ERG mode powerbeat displayed only about 210-220 W. I’m sure, it’s invalid, because I can feel difference between these values and it was 300+ W.

Any ideas what’s wrong?

Try changing or charging the battery.

Ok, thanks, I will try (apps displays 90%, but maybe…).
Second question - do you always use rubber cover?

Hey guys, I have a Watteam G2 sensor and it had been working fine till I just recently tried to update the firmware in the app. It failed the FOTA upload and now it only displays a constant green LED, and will not connect to the phone. Does anyone have ideas on how to manually reset it?

I too just did a firmware update (well, tried to) and now the left just does a constant green flash, whether plugged into the sensor or charging.

Is there no way to reset these things?

Prior to this, I was reasonably happy with them.

Sorry if duplicate post…

I just tried to update the firmware on my powerbeat and now the left side just does a fast green flash. This is whether plugged into the sensor, or charging.

I can’t see a way to reset the things.

Anyone had a chance to recover from a failed firware update?