Powerbeat watteam

I have the dual and I recently broke my right sensor. They gave me a replacement but I can not connect it.

Does anyone know what?

How did you get a replacement? The company has been closed since December.

Edit: I ask, because I also have one that doesn’t work, and would love to get it replaced

I believe one of the guys (Josh) at powermetercity.com can help. I got replacement sensors from them recently for a new crank.

Even if it wasn’t purchased there?

I have no idea. I will say give it a shot. That is will be a great way to get folks to their site. :grinning:

I was replaced by the supplier in Greece.

thank you very much


unfortunately he could not help me.

I got a one sided I never installed I’ll gladly let go of

A sensor or a comp unit? (or both?)
Where in the world are you?

Complete gen 2 single unit. White lake mi

Since my gen 2 single was solid and accurate, until the comp unit stopped working, I would be willing to buy at a fair price, except that I am in Europe (Denmark), so the postage might be prohibitive…

how did you get the replacement calibrated? does the app still work?