Variable power/ cadence

Hi, I am new to TR but have been using a wattbike atom with the wattbike programmes for a year or so. When using TR I have found that intermittently despite me keeping a smooth steady cadence of approx 90 rpm drops the cadence reading to approx 50, then the resistance automatically increases meaning I suddenly have to massively increase my power output for a few pedal revs, then it returns to normal. This happened periodically throughout the workout which was very frustrating. Any hints on what is going wrong? Thanks.

You should contact for direct support on this issue. They can review your files and discuss your setup to identify the issue(s).

Hi mate I’ve got the same problem . Did you get to the bottom of it ?

No, not really but my husband pointed out that you can tell pretty much straight away if it’s not working properly that day and if you pause and turn the bike off and back on again it seems to reset itself and then be ok, bit irritating though!

I’ve ended up going back on my tacx flux . I’ll try that though , turning it off and on. For the price there’s no way I want to be getting on the atom not confident in it working properly or not . No way we should have to mess about