Fail - Samsung S10, wattbike atom v1, apple TV & Zwift

I simply cannot ERG to work with Samsung S10, wattbike atom v1, apple TV & Zwift.

I’ve given up trying to get cadence info on the app any more. But now ERG won’t work at all. It used to be that I’d log onto zwift them launch TR and it’d work.

Any one managed to get this combination or similar to work?

It’s a real shame. TR just used to be launch and go, but something has changed somewhere.


Have you tried a simplified test with just the TR app/Samsung connected to the Atom?

Leave out ATV and Z so there are no potential conflicts, to see if the basic setup is functioning.

Try removing the wattbike signal from the “controllable” input on the zwift pairing screen?

I use TR in ERG mode on an ipad and zwift on an apple TV at the same time. At first I couldn’t get TR erg mode to work, the smart trainer was responding to resistence input from zwift. Kind of like you describe. When I realized what was going on I dropped the smart trainer from the “controllable” input on the zwift sensor pairing screen. Then TR drove the erg the way I wanted.

My setup is: wahoo kicker, Quarq power meter, and CABLE ANT + splitter. The CABLE allows my primary power source, the Quarq, to send data to the TR ipad and zwift on the apple TV. TR is paired to the Kicker and the Quarq, Zwift is only paired to the Quarq. So TR has data from the Quarq and control of the Wahoo Kicker; and zwift has data from the Quarq but no control of the Kicker.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the tips, will try them in the morning.

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I run TR on my Samsung Tab S4, and Zwift on a PC. As above, turn off controllable under trainer. Hopefully that works for you.

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Hi there, just tried the simplified test you suggested.
ERG works if I connect to the wattbike atom trainer via Bluetooth. But not if I connect via ant+ signal.

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Thanks for the tips, I carefully tried them out but still no joy.
Success with the simplified test - just wattbike and TR app (no zwift via Apple TV).
ERG works if I connect to the wattbike atom trainer via Bluetooth. But not if I connect via ant+ signal.

Then I launched Zwift.
Zwift doesn’t see the wattbike ant+ signal and doesn’t see the wattbike Bluetooth signal. Once I deselect Bluetooth from the app, the it appears as an option for zwift to connect to. So I connect zwift/ATV to wattbike via bluetooth. Whether I have controllable selected or deselected on zwift, the ERG still doesn’t kick in.
At this point TR is connected to the wattbike via ant+. If I drop the ant+ from the app (eg forget device) then the link between TR and the wattbike drops. Zwift still connected. No ERG of course.

Not sure what I’m missing here. It seems the Bluetooth signal from tge wattbike can only connect to TR or Zwift/ATV but not both at the same time.
The ANT+ signal from the wattbike does connect to the app but at that point TR is not in control of power on the wattbike so there is no ERG and I end up manually changing gears on the wattbike to select the correct gear for zwift and the particular power target for the interval. I guess changing gears isn’t the end of the world, but ERG is a great feature. I really like tiding around zwift too, seems to work for my brain.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thanks.

Perhaps the limit of 3 bluetooth connections on an apple 4ktv unit could be the issue. Perhaps other devices have connected to it.
Will check later.

That is what I found in my case too. The Bluetooth signal from my PM can be received by TR or Zwift/ATV but not both. I purchased one of these to turn the additional PM ant+ signal into a Bluetooth signal so that Zwift and TR get the same PM numbers.

So in my case, TR gets BT from my PM, BT from my Kicker for erg control, and zwift gets BT from the CABLE device (which was originally ANT+ from PM-Quarq Dzero).

If you’re willing to gamble $50, you may be able to convert the watt bike ant+ to BT and send it to Zwift/ATV.

Sorry I wasn’t more clear the first time! This stuff can be like brain surgery sometimes.

Thanks, it certainly is difficult.
I did check the apple tv today and it doesn’t appear to have any other devices taking up the Bluetooth connections.
I guess I’ll have to try a ant+ to bluetooth convertor.
It is irritating as I’d been quite happy with the setup for 12 months, then it’s become progressively more temperamental since June 2021.

Yes, this is one of the key aspects of Bluetooth.

So I’m guessing for the year that the setup worked for me (and the random occasions it still works) was when ant+ between phone and TR actually controls the watts.
So that control by the TR app was lost/weakened at some point. Or the Bluetooth control by zwift was given prominence.
After the June update I found so long as I launched TR after zwift, then it took control.

I’ll have another go tonight.

Best potocol is to touch base with for troubleshooting on this stuff, as they’re privy to the full scope of your devices, how they’re communicating to each other by looking at your internal ride logs, and where the missed connection may be. They’d be happy to help out!

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