Wattage alarm in intervals

Wondering if there is any sort of wattage alarm feature in trainer road? I don’t have a smart trainer so I ride only with resistance. In longer sweet spot intervals I would rather not have to stare at my watts to make sure I am hitting the target watts.

Wondering if there is an alarm feature for when you move 5 watts below/above the target watts in a given interval?

Unfortunately, there is no alarm function.

Not within TR, but your Garmin has alerts for power, cadence and HR

No Garmin here…

Having used my garmin for an “outdoor” TR workout (ridden inside but letting garmin do laps and beeps).

You think you want some alarms. But you do NOT.

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Because we are not robots that alarm would be going off all the time imo. I think the colour coding that changes is plenty.


I guess the point would be that I don’t have to look at the screen for those intervals that are 10+ minutes.

The cyclemeter app has power thresholds that can be set, and an audible alarm goes off when power is above or below target.

Power is pretty variable however, so you’d need to set the range a lot wider than +/- 5W though.