Feature Request - Display your current interval average power deviation

Tittle says it all. I think it would be cool to have some indicator such as “2W below target average”, or something like that. The little moving circle can be sometimes confusing if you’re using a small screen like I do.

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They don’t want people trying to chase an average power and have declined to implement this feature in the past

TR have always said it’s better to aim for the target power at every possible moment of the interval rather than worry about the average.

Say you’re not paying full attention for the first half of a 10 minute threshold interval and end up riding at 90% FTP instead of the target of 100%. At this point, in order to meet average power you’d have to ride the remaining half at 110%.

Doing that you’d do zero minutes at the desired wattage in the desired zone whereas if after the first half you rode at 100% FTP for the remainder, your average would be off but you would have 5 minutes of work at the intended power output in the bank.

They’ve discussed this a few times on the podcast and explained why they won’t do it. As others have said, chasing average watts in that manner to target an average can fundamentally change the nature of the interval if you are making big swings in power. The goal, and training benefit, comes from spending as much of the interval as possible in the proscribed zone, not hitting the average power at the end. You just need to forget about what came before and focus on the here and now.

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Quoted and bold for emphasis, because it is absolutely correct.

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