Cadence Alarm (Feature Request)

I’ve been trying to gradually train myself to a naturally higher cadence. It would be nice to have an alarm that would beep or flash when the cadence gets below a user set number.

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If you have a garmin you can already do this via there alert system.

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I reckon quite a number of peeps would be pleasantly surprised if they actually read the user manuals for their gear :smirk:


While RTFM is at times a useful response, the problem these days is that cost cutting invariably means that there isn’t one.

I know that Garmins have alarms/alerts for HR, cadence and presumably power going out of range but I’ve no idea just where in the menu system you go to enable them. On my previous unit (Edge 520) I had an activity set up where HR and cadence had alarms so it’s possibly under the activity menu option, it’s nearly ten years since I set up that device so I’ve no idea how I did it.

I think the OP is after something similar to the power bar on the TR app.

Found this via Google - setting range alerts on the 520:

There are also downloadable pdf user manuals on the Garmin site.

My 530 didn’t come with a manual, but I’d already downloaded it and digested it before my 530 was delivered.

I am sure op was looking for something built in but as you know I was just offering an easy alternative if they did not know.