Warner sells GCN back to original owners

I wonder how this will affect the interchange between GCN and Eurosport/Discovery, like Dan Lloyd and other GCN presenters announcing races, or appearing on The Breakaway.


I doubt it will have any effect…different companies from my understanding of the situation. Note that Dan no longer wears GCN garb on the broadcasts, which he did daily before. I would assume he is paid as a WBD / Eurosport commentator and separately as a GCN contributor.

I also could be 100% off in my evaluation. :crazy_face:

Regardless, hopefully this means GCN can continue on as a viable entity.


It would be good to see GCN do documentary stuff again but I can’t see much else changing. Disco+ have the rights to races and I can’t see any of the commentators jumping ship to someone who doesn’t show races and pay their wage.

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I hope it means they get someone instead of Ollie so that I can what GCN again.
:grin: :innocent:


Oooof…sounds like ~20 people will be laid off as part of the transition.

Dunno if the website will continue…they may jsut be a YouTube entity from now on.


“…I can’t see any of the commentators jumping ship to someone who doesn’t show races and pay their wage.”

That’s what I’m saying. Currently, Dan is a GCN presenter, but he does races and the breakaway for Eurosport/Discovery+. Since one company owned both entities, one assumes this was no big deal and covered by his GCN contract. Now that they’re not owned by the same company, seems like he’d have to have separate deals with Warner and GCN.

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Not an Ollie fan, huh? I kind of like him, except when he’s doing an obnoxiously exaggerated American accent.

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I could be wrong but I assumed that he was paid by disco+ now as I’ve not seen him in GCN garb of late.

Warner must have grown tired of anti-Z2 videos


That and really sloppy voice modulation are at the very top of my list. Plus, it seems very obvious to me he doesn’t do the homework before talking as an expert. I rather not watch than get misinformed.

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Aw - he’s a good guy!

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Yikes, that’s a bummer.


Depends on what the actual employment status of the commentators and announcers is I suppose?

I get the impression that a lot of them are freelance with only a few actually employeed? It could be that the GCN staff like Dan were actually emplyees due to their association with the previous GCN entity - i dont know.

Like others said though - Dan’s personal GCN branding disapeared when the rest of the GCN branding went - I think he is either freelance or a Disco employee now.

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Who stole the jam out of your doughnut? IMO he not only knows his stuff but brings cycling knowledge to life brilliantly.


But funny that Warner sold it back? I’ll bet at a premium?

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I wonder if at a premium. There were other WB rumors so I wonder if this is dumping assets before a larger merger.

Time will tell what becomes of WB/Disco

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what up, I was saying I don’t like him and why, just like you said you like him.

It seems to be all in good fun. I think it’s just part of the British humour to take the piss out each other. They definitely gave it to Ollie too. Remember when he got dropped in a couple of their contests? For months after nobody could mention Olie without a joke about being dropped. Personally, it looks to me like they tease each other because they genuinely like each other and feel comfortable.


I’d be surprised if Lloydie wasn’t a regular employee of PlaySports (GCN). He’s been with them since Day 1; a regular part of the Racing News, the GCN Show, and many other vids; and frequently talks about things that happen “in the office” and his daily commuting.