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I know I shouldn’t be analyzing GCN too much, it’s been clear for years that they’re as much an advertising platform as anything else. But I just wanted to throw out a couple of things. Firstly, there’s a video series of Simon training on zwift and getting a PB up the zwift epic kom. Obviously TR isn’t advertising there but would be interesting to see them go through a base build cycle. The other notable content thing is that they appear to have unlisted a video that was supposedly Jeremy Powers doing 20min ftp tests for consecutive days but was really just talking about Whoop.

Anyhow, usually I don’t think too much about their content anymore but it’s Sunday and I’m not doing anything, and this can definitely generate the comments from a variety of sides lol

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I generally like GCN, and I think they usually get the balance right - I get the business model and I understand that partnerships and promotions keep the content ‘free’ for people like me. But they clearly have made a couple of big mistakes recently - the video on hydration and indoor training which was just a very grating ad for Enervit, and now Jeremy’s video on repeated FTP tests that was an endless Whoop ad. By contrast, I enjoyed Si’s Zwift-based training series - because it was as much about him, his feelings, his training etc as the platform he was using. I’m guessing that the recent missteps probably result from them having to scramble to find new content ideas in light of current circumstances - with travel-based ideas out of the question and no racing to report on.


I like them, I think I liked them more when they started (around the time I started cycling so they provided a lot of good noob content). I think people find some of their product promotion a little too prominent, not sure how much they really do influence consumers but they have a large audience.


They just continue to plummet down in my opinion. The quality of their content has really suffered as theyve grown more popular and every “review” and “unboxing” seems to be an advert which contradicts everything I want from a 3rd party. If I wanted their “opinions” on their reviews (adverts) I could just read the manufacturers blurbs.

Having said that, so much of their content is aimed at newer riders that I think its very easy to outgrow them as your own knowledge/skills/interests develop.

Im really grateful to them for broadcasting so much cyclocross and road racing


I lost interest when Matt Stephens left and they replaced him with Ollie, who I just can’t take to.
I didn’t like him on his previous channel either.

Not really seen anything since then but don’t imagine I’m missing much.


@Nate_Pearson just curious, and of course a nonresponse to be diplomatic Is perfectly acceptable, but has GCN ever approached you all regarding content? I know I’m personally intrigued on their relationship with brands, although who knows how much they promotional content results in sales

+1 for all the CX coverage last season … let’s hope same is true for next season (assuming that there is some racing…)


I find that their advertising for certain products is a lot more prominent, compared to what it used to be,
Either that or I am paying too much attention.

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I enjoy GCN, but I’ve never really looked there for ‘serious’ cycling content and I don’t think that’s really what they’re aiming for. I look to alternative sources for informative and data-based content, and GCN as more of a funny TV show I watch over dinner- advertising and all. And IMO that’s the nature of big youtube channels- if that’s where the majority of your income and exposure come from, you’re obviously going to be heavily dependent on advertising and also appealing to the largest possible audience via more general topics. That’s pretty consistent within that context- unlike something like the TR podcast, which is secondary to the sale of their main product and relies more on an established, niche audience.
Though, being the target demographic for the average bikini ‘fitness influencer’ probably makes me a little more inclined to take my youtube viewing with a grain of salt. :wink:

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For me, GCN is a numbing salve for my mind when I’m doing these terrible workouts @chad makes up for us.
This week Kaiser +4 was on my docket. I cannot watch or listen to something of importance during a 3min 120% effort, so I keep a playlist of GCN and Phil Gaimon stuff to watch during these workouts. It’s “entertaining” enough to occupy my mind, but I don’t plan to glean any useful info from it, so it doesn’t bother me that I can’t actually concentrate on it.
I want to support them simply because of all the cx content they provide. Their stream has allowed me to watch many more races than in previous years.


I liked the original GCN crew of Dan, Sy, and Matt. I haven’t warmed up to the new guys. The videos used to seem more interesting for an experienced cyclist. Now they seem very basic.


Theres really only so many times they can remake the same “how much time do race wheels really save you” or “how to adjust your shifting”.

While not replying to you directly I don’t have a problem with them trying to make money, and there is not a whole lot else going on so live and let live.


I’m missing Emma, she was great. The new presenters skew younger (or seem younger, a lot of them are in their mid- to late-30s), and I reckon this is fine. Oli is an acquired taste (I’m still acquiring), but it is clear that this is just his persona and he knows his stuff, too (he seems to have a PhD in chemistry).

As for striking a balance between entertainment, information and ads, that’s always difficult and I think they are still doing a good job. I’m fine with having a few forced mentions of the new Shimano GRX drive train when I can see the beauty of Patagonia for the remaining 20 minutes.

Moreover, their race channel is quite nice, it seems the easiest way to find CX races and (especially women’s) road races to watch while you are turning the pedals on your trainer.

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I still like GCN. Some videos are quite fun to watch. And it’s cool that they bring so much racing content, especially women’s racing. But they definitely ramped up the advertising in the past 1-2 years. Or maybe they are just more aggressive about it.
Some videos are just awful because of it. I was really looking forward to the “FTP test every day” video yesterday… but they didn’t even mention any results of any of the tests and instead made a 20 min whoop commercial. I think it wasn’t even marked as paid promotion… seems like they are begging for another slap by the watchdog.


I Like the GCN show for entertainment and they did some really good videos including heart health last year IIRC but other than that they are getting really poor. The last video of doing the ftp for a week was an ill conceived notion, neglecting any insight as to what it does to your well being and training both short and long term … assuming you can manage to overlook the advertising.
Like others I miss Matt, they had a real bond as a team then with Dan and Si.


on the plus side: Matts Cofferide series with Sigma sports is just amazing


I miss Matt too, I guess he was a big draw for me. In addition Emma was excellent, probably the best presenter they had imo.

Recently enjoying their giro coverage though. The interface using the gcn app is excellent.

Finally, noticed Si banging on about Zwift group workouts, that is surely not a coincidence given TR’s offering.


I like GCN (and GTN) and really enjoy some of their content. Especially stuff like Bike backing, Endurance Rides, Gravel racing in Iceland etc