Wahooligans out there

What’s your level of satisfaction with wahoo products? What wahoo products you have and your impressions on them?

I’ve got 3 so far.
1st came the GPS Elemnt Bolt and for 2 years of use now, I couldn’t be more happy. Reliable, precise, good battery and I’m really happy by changing from Garmin after 2 devices that had some issues. The main difficulty I’ve had with Bolt was understanding and getting used to use the phone to configure it all but after a couple of uses now I know it by heart.
2nd wahoo device was Kikr Core. Quite pleased as well. It’s all I’d read and heard before. My new training buddie since juin.
3rd and last the Headwind. Expensive but it delivers with what is promised and expected. I’ve been using the HR connection and it really is nice to have it blowing more or less wind accordingly to your HR.

No more Wahoo products for me in the horizon for now. Kikr climb using indoor only Troad doesn’t seem to be an interesting enough option.

Share your products and opinions on them. Here are my boxes :slight_smile:

Note: I’m not a seller or I want to influence others on buying wahoo, just trying to share and learn more on our gadgets.

Ive got a Bolt which im happy with but I wouldnt trust the navigation to get me back from my local pub. Imported routes only. Maybe the navigations better on the Roam.

Also have a snap which im very happy with. I only have one bike so although I considered direct drive, being able to get my bike off in seconds is great. Happy with with still after 18 months.

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2x Tickr X HRMs
Elemnt Bolt

All perform as expected with no issues. Very happy with them. I’d love to upgrade to the quiet belt design, but the problems there have kept me away. I’m waiting on the next gen design before swapping out the K17.


Tickr X and Kickr Snap for me. Would like to upgrade to a direct drive trainer, but the design of the handbike frames makes it bit difficult. We’d need to use the trainer upside down.

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Tickr, Cadence. I needed bilingual ANT+/BLE sensors, they appeared to be the best choice at the time. The role of such sensors is to get forgotten, and they do that mostly well. I like the flexibility of mounting of the Cadence - it sits under a shoe’s tie-up cable.


I had a BOLT and liked it a lot, got a ROAM and like it a lot also. Sensor wise I use a Bontrager HR vs Tickr, a Garmin speed sensor vs the Wahoo one, and a Saris H3 trainer instead of a Kickr. I think the Kickr is a fine trainer, but seems to have more issues vs other brands, but then again Wahoo probably sell more Kickrs than every other brand of Direct Drive trainer combined, so it may be a moot argument to make.


I have a 2014 KICKR that I’m still pretty happy with except on cold days in my garage it takes forever to warm up to the point where the resistance is right…like I have to set it at 400 watts to get my PM to 200. But after 20-30 minutes they’re pretty much in line. That’s my only complaint after five and a half years.


I think we buy products like trainers and bike computers based on research and features that we want, I’d wager it’s not too often that we are disappointed. A manufacturer really comes into their own when something goes wrong, for that I cannot fault Wahoo.


The bike goes ok. I needed to keep the legs ticking over this week, so I jumped on the Kickr BIKE at the DCR Cave. Seat set to right height, moved the bars a little, bam. It just worked. No messing about putting a bike on a direct drive, converting it to TA or QR… making sure it was 11spd or 10spd… and indexing… it was a really neat use-case where the smart bikes have the advantage. The Di2-like levers also helped.

I was able to put the new firmware with ERG Power Smoothing optional to the test - it passed with great results against the Assioma DUO Ray had on it.

If you’re loving their products and are mad-keen on them, they often open up slots for beta testing firmwares and things. Keep an eye on their social posts… likely Twitter. Or if you’re crazy-mad-keen ping Wahoo Support and see if they can assist you getting a slot.


I have four Wahoo devices. TickrX, Bolt, Kickr, and cadence sensor.

My first Wahoo product was a TickrX. Wahoo replaced one because it ate through batteries pretty quickly. I’ve used it for running and like the metrics it gives. A bonus is that it also gives cycling cadence when I use it with my Bolt even though Wahoo says that it only reports cadence through BT and not over ANT+ which is how it connects to the Bolt.

Quick question about it though. The TR app reports its battery percentage but when I contacted Wahoo about it they said that the TickrX can’t send battery life info to apps. How come the TR app(android and ios) show a battery percentage?

Second Wahoo product was a Bolt. Came from a Garmin 500 to this. Took some experimenting to get the right setup for the screens but so far I love it. The only things I miss is the alerts settings and autolap by location features that were on the Garmin. I use to set an alert for every 45 minutes to remind me to eat during races. I also liked hitting the lap button once and having the device detect the next lap by location.

Last two products were the Kickr which came with the cadence sensor. I was using a Bontrager Speed/Cadence sensor but decided to try the Wahoo cadence sensor because the Bontrager wasn’t reporting zero cadence and auto pausing. Same thing is happening with the Wahoo sensor though.


Absolutely happy with Tickr
Kickr: I don’t really use it to its full potential. My power readings come from 4iiii. The fact that I can’t leave kickr set up after I ride (move it to storage after each ride) makes it go off accuracy frequently. And I’m not gonna ride 10 mins just to spindown each time so I purely use it for a direct drive unit not a power measure. ELEMNT Bolt: Absolutely love it. To this day out of hundreds of rides I lost one and that was my own stupidity.

My next purchases are the Headwind and the Mat. Lasko fan does the job for now with a cheap chinese remote controlled outlet thingy but has its limitations and I have an Elite Mat but it’s getting nasty and falling apart.


I have a bolt. Love it except for on detail. The blue flap that covers the charging port just won’t stay closed. It is constantly popping open, not good for my ocd. Any tips on getting it to stay closed?


Kickr snap
Speed sensor

Pretty happy with all of them. My kickr had some issues when I first bought it, little decal on the optical lense was missing but we got it figured out. My first tickr stopped working after about 8 months and they gave me a new one no questions asked.

I’ll stick with Wahoo.


TickrX - inherited from my wife
Kickr Gen1 + InsideRide Kickr E-Flex (game changer)

I’m with @mcneese.chad - I’d like to replace my Gen1 Kickr for a quieter / silent version, but holding out given the issues people are reporting. Plus I’m hoping that that the 2020 Kickr incorporates the Kickr bike resistance unit. That would give Wahoo a whole year to work out the kinks.


Agreed, that seems very likely: start your new product as a high-margin, low-volume product, work out the kinks and then switch to higher-volume production.


The Kickr is garbage, and a lot on here have played “volleyball” with dead units, shipping them back. I’ll never own another wahoo trainer. I have the H2 now, and the thing is outstanding

The heart rate monitor is phenomenal. The head unit is okay, and the speed and cadence sensor is great. The shoe-attached cadence sensor is phenomenal as well.

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Probably wise especially if you are already used to the noise.

For me the 4th Kickr core has been the charm. Love it.

Although the new neo style kickr in the works with no calibration on paper sounds a decent update on 2017.

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I’ve got a kickr 17 and a tickr X. They both have been working greatly.

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I have a Kickr 2018, love everything about it, except the quality…


That is ultimately what I am waiting for them to release, a real Neo counter-product. If/when they do, I will take a similar delay to let others be the test subjects initially (like I did for the K18, and happily so).

Assuming they dial it in via the KBike, and what I hope to be full and proper internal testing, I hope the Kickr20 will be a great trainer and worthy to replace my otherwise awesome K17.