Wahoo Tickr or Tickr X

I am looking to replace my Garmin heart rate monitor for a Bluetooth one. At the moment I wear my Garmin 920XT and use the iOS app. I would prefer to just use the iOS app.

The Tickr X is twice the price on Amazon to the Tickr. Which one would you choose or would you pick another brand?

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Tickr, if you don’t know what the extra features of the Tickr X are, you don’t need them


I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t look at the extra features. I just looked at the cost.

I have the TickrX . Good for other training like running as it’ll measure cadence and other joggery type stuff. Believe it or not it’ll also measure cadence on a bike once it learns. It’s ok I guess. No experience of others though.

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The reason for the extra cost, is the extra features

Tickr and Tickr optical owner, wouldn’t got for the Tickr x as I don’t run, and if I do I have a computer with me. And I wouldn’t trust something that for from the pedals to record cadence

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I use a 4iiii’s heart rate monitor. Its excellent.

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I own both and can honestly say the additional features on the Tickr X (Specifically the internal memory) have been more of a headache than anything else. The monitor frequently tires to go into internal memory mode rather than connecting to my devices, and trying to get data off of it using anything other than the Tickr app (Another headache in itself) is near impossible. That being said if you aren’t measuring HRV then I would go with the scosche rhythm+. The optical design and placement is SOOOOO convenient and comfortable and I found it to be as accurate as the Tickr for everything except HRV. Also the straps for the scosche are machine washable and won’t get nasty like the chest straps tend to.

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I hate using this one because I have an ectopic heart rhythm and it picks it up so it shows my heart beating all over the place. It can jump from 110 to 140 and then back to 124. The average heart rate is comparable but it scares me to see the irregularities. I think it has a different smoothing algorithm to a garmin or tickr. I also don’t tend to use the tickr because it will often just stick to a number for a minute before changing at times as if it has lost connection and just relaying the last known beat.

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TickrX has worked fine for me, when I need Bluetooth. I’ve used internal memory on long day hikes, and swimming. Never had connection issues. My Garmin premium HR strap is slightly more comfortable. FWIW Garmin just rolled out a new Bluetooth + ANT+ heart rate monitor.


I have the Tickr and it works great. Since I don’t run I only use it with either TR or my Wahoo Elemnt. I can also pair it to my Apple Watch if I decide to run.


I have a leaky aortic valve. It makes it hard to train to heart rate. I will go up fast, and come down slowly. I don’t have a power meter, yet, so all my workouts are done to RPE. I chose the Tickr in the end. I would have got the Garmin, but it is silly money.

Thanks for all the feedback.

I should just say that my Wahoo Tickr X developed a fault. 2 emails later they have sent me another. No quibble, no aggro, no angst.

Wahoo are a great company.


I have the TicrX. The best upgrade that has is saved workouts. You can go for a run without a phone, and the workout will save. For that alone, IMO, is worth it, and why I went that route. It has been dead-accurate


I just used heart variability testing. The 4iiii’s does it and I believe one of the wahoo’s does it as will. It’s showing me I really need to take some time off. Very interesting info.

@FatBoySlim educate me, what is this that you’re referring to

Do you have a GPS in the X

Google hrv heart testing. Gives you a lot of info about conditioning, freshness, over training ect. Really interesting. I’m only a week into it. Says I really need to take it easy.

I think for cycling, the Tickr is sufficient. TickrX has a lot of cool features for running (like running cadence).

Here’s a quick rundown. They are both equipped with Bluetooth & ANT+ to connect to your devices. Both use a CR2032 battery and use a snap to connect in the front.


  • basic accurate heart rate monitor with easy connectivity.

Tickr X

  • if you want more data like…
  • for cycling: indoor spin cadence
  • for running: vertical oscillation, ground contact time and cadence (I used this feature when I was doing a bit of running and it was cool!)
  • counts reps for things like pushups or gym moves (I’ve never used this feature, but it’s on their website) when paired to select apps
  • Built-in memory records up to 16 hours of heart rate, calorie burn and workout duration

I have both and basically I use the Tickr for cycling and the Tickr X for running. Hope that helps!

Also, @kbeers81, here’s a bunch of info on HRV: https://www.scienceforsport.com/heart-rate-variability-hrv/


AFAIK advanced Tickrx features only work with the Wahoo apps - not with a Garmin etc.

@SonyaLooney I have found the running cadence on the tickrx to be garbage. Is yours accurate? My tickrx shows me running a 6.5-min mile, when in actuality, I’m at an 8-min mile