Tickr X cadence question

I am training on a Kickr core connected over bluetooth to my iPhone and the TR-app. Unfortunately this does not record/show cadence and heart rate, since my sensors there are ANT+ (power2max type S and Garmin strap).

Since I have a voucher from Wahoo (for applying the fixing instructions on my Core when it started clicking) I was wondering whether I could use it to get a Tickr X and automatically get Heart rate and Cadence data over bluetooth to the TR-app. The wahoo description of Tickr X says that it can use its accelerometers to give indoor cadence, but I’m wondering if someone has experience on how well this works? I in general don’t move my upper body when riding, so it feels hard to believe that an accelerometer can detect the slightest of movement and translate it accurately into cadence data, but who knows?

Of course I could use the voucher towards a normal Tickr and an RPM cadence sensor, but i am not very thrilled about adding a second cadence sensor to the bike.

I have the TICKR X… the cadence aspect is only for Runners.

I have the RPM Speed and RPM Cadence for my Single Speed. I have the Cadence sensor on my shoe! Works like a charm!

My Road Bike I have cadence via my Crank Power Meter, which is a Power2Max NG.

I will say to any cyclist I meet, to get the basic TICKR if you are just a cyclist… but the X if you are a Duo or Tri Athlete.

Swimming with the Tickr X is ok?

Same, use it at the occasional spin class or when traveling. Works well.

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Wahoo TICKR Support

Short answer… No!

Thanks a lot for the reply, but the Wahoo website says:

Track your indoor spin cadence and running analytics including vertical oscillation, ground contact time and cadence.”

Which I interpreted as indoor trainer cadence as well…

Also on the comparison Table, they list “indoor cycling cadence” for the tickr X.

Yeah, I tried that but never got the accurate results I was expecting… thus I have the RPM Cadence on my Shoe!

I prefer dedicated units where possible… Keep it simple… this does that and that and that does this!

Thanks again, thats what I was looking for, people with the Tickr X that have tried this “feature”.

That’s what I’ve read but just curious of the real world user experience.


I have a TickrX and tried it many years ago because blinking light on shoe (Wahoo cadence) is annoying in the dark room at spin class. Don’t remember the exact results, but I continued using the shoe cadence with blinking light.

This why Black Electrical Tape is your Friend! :wink:

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