Wahoo Powerlink Zero experience

had assioma duos for 2 years. finally got so sick of the spinning and misclips that I changed to the powerlink zeros. initial experience

  1. clipping is amazing; never miss a clip whereas I missed 25% with assioma
  2. super annoying calibration. I have auto calibration on, follow their advice to a tee and I still need to put some power down for a couple minutes, unclip, manually calibrate, then get to my ride ever single time to ensure accuracy.

as a point of comparison I don’t think I manually calibrated my duos more than 2x in 2 years and they were always spot on (as compared to Neo 2t and perceived effort outdoors).

anyone else having similar issues or is it just me?

I’ve not had to think about calibration. Pretty much clip in a go. I wonder what the difference is.

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I thought I was the only one that sucked at clipping in to my assioma’s. I never had a problem with my old pedals.


same. rode Shimano DA 7900 pedals for 8 years and rarely mis-clipped. really love the assioma, amazing value, amazing quality, but the weighting and spin was just too much to tolerate in my view. Got the Powerlinks during REI 20% off and duo’s still have value on resale market. Working with Wahoo support but so far, although the clipping is excellent in this day and age if calibration isn’t a set and forget experience they need to work on a better process.

I had to modify my clip in process w/ Assioma’s, but now it’s second nature and I rarely miss. When I push off from a stop and the L crank starts coming up, I catch the pedal on the top of my shoe/toes so it doesn’t spin, then I rotate my foot backwards and slide into position and clip

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Same. My Zeros have been flawless since I got them.

I’ll have to try that on my next ride.

Had an odd occurrence on Tuesday w/ my Powerlinks…left the house for our regular group ride. Glanced down at my head unit and no power data was showing.

Kept riding and nothing showed up…no power, no cadence, nothing. Just assumed the batteries had died…then after about 30 min, once I met our group, BAM, power came back on for no explicable reason.

Past that one incident, they have been great…I’ll see if it happens again.

I am using Assioma too, same issue with clipping in. I think it is the Keo Look , using other pedal also same issue.

First time heard of Powerlink Zero,hmm… might consider it.

Do you see any inaccuracies in your power if you don’t calibrate manually?

@GPLama gave the Powerlinks high marks in his review, basically as good as the Assiomas if memory serves. So unless he got a lucky unit, I think your Powerlink pedals should not require that much fiddling.

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dcrainmaker as well. I’m in contact with wahoo support. I suspect it’s a bad set of pedals but not sure. I’ve triple checked the install, no pod/crank touch, no shoe/pod touch. everything seems as it should be but they are always massively wrong and need manual calibration each ride to get them close and it also seems they become less accurate as power increases. hopefully wahoo will do something to make this right otherwise it’s a pretty costly mistake

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Update - power was just fine today and was available immediately. I think the issue from Tuesday may have been from the fact that I was riding down the road before I turned my computer on…

Y’all are just the Powerlink user group I can run a problem Im having by… I’m a 25 yr vet of speedplay X series, couldn’t wait for these Powerlinks to come out. got them as soon as REI had their 20% discount but did not get a chance to set them up until this week while i’m on vacation out of the country. been using a 4iiii left crank PM outside and trainer power inside - pretty close match. Set up my powerlink zeros and they are definitely the dual right & left (that’s the point plus easy change to multiple bikes plus lollipop style.) Well problem is… if you saw the “never been stronger thread” for me the story is I’ve never been weaker!!! My power showing on my head unit is about half of what I would expect it to be!! I think its showing left pedal power only (and not doubling.) I think the right pedal is not talking to the left pedal. I dont have a trainer where i am but on the road if I unclip and pedal 1 legged only I get and expected reading from the left pedal and zero from the right when pedaling right leg independently. furthermore left right balance in ride stats is 100%/0%

I will recheck all my apps to make sure there is no setting in there that’s saying left only and I will contact wahoo support if my trouble shooting fails - But wondered if any of you had experienced this problem and already know the fix? Or had some thoughts on this problem or its solution???

confirmation that your right pedal when only pedaling with the right leg independently give you and expected value (>> 0) would be very helpful to my trouble shooting

any input you may have certainly appreciated

Seems a silly question but are both pedals fully charged? Not trying to suggest you’re an idiot or anything (it happened to me)

Great thought – just the kind im looking for - even though I charged them up as directed – I’ll try charging again - would love if this were the answer

Same issue once for me as well. Right pedal has died even though left was still full. I think it was continuing to send data (cadence I bet) to my tr or garmin. I started doing hard shut downs on my garmin head unit and closing out of tr and it hasn’t happened since.

Assuming you have proof of purchase (a receipt) then I would be surprised if Wahoo doesn’t replace your pedals for free.

I had an issue with my original pair where there was a huge discrepancy in battery drain between the two pedals which implied one of the batteries were defective. They had me send in my OG pair and they sent me a brand new pair with no problems.

just curious. was it the right pedal that drained quickly? randomly I find that although my left has 70-80% remaining the right dies.

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It was the right pedal that was draining faster. But the discrepancy was ~30%. Yours sounds bigger so I feel confident Wahoo would replace yours if you feel inclined to report it.

took a few too many email back and forths and “trying” things to correct the issue. replaced and now perfect

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