Speedplay powerlink or Aeros?

Looking for peoples opinions.

I have a BMC Timemachine Road that I use for outside rides and races and an old BMC GF02 that I use on the turbo. I have 4iiii powermeters on both bikes.

I use Speedplay Aeros on the Timemachine but I’ve just got a pair of dual sided Speedplay Powerlinks.

Do you think I should keep the Aeros on my race bike for the extra aero gains or swap them out for the Powerlinks? Or keep the Aeros and use the Powerlinks on the turbo/winter bike?

I’m a bit torn on the matter.

Power links, absolutely….I don’t think there are any real-world aero benefits to the aero pedals. Way too many variables to factor in…for one, your foot is constantly at different angles to the wind.

You’ll get every ride benefit from using the power links.


Have you bought the powerlink pedals because you aren’t happy with the 4iiii power meter you had?
Having seen how different my Kickr measures power compared to my Garmin pedals I wonder if you’ll start to see differences between the way Wahoo and 4iiii measure power?

No I won them in a competition. I’ve always been happy with the 4iiii. I’ve put the Powerlinks on and will definitely compare the readings between them and the 4iiii.

If you’re happy with your existing setup then maybe just sell the Powrlinks? Use the cash to buy something you want/need. Would have thought you could get ~80% of retail price if they’re still boxed and unused.