Wahoo Rival Connect to TrainerRoad

Anyone else have issues getting their Wahoo Rival to display heart rate on TR? Any thoughts on fixes?

What device are you trying to pair with the watch?

iPhone and Tacx Flow. Quit using the tickr in lieu of the rival.

Ok, so with Apple you are using Bluetooth for this connection. The first thing in BLE is to make certain that you don’t have the Rival paired to any other device or app. It must be free to see your one device and app (iPhone + TR app).

Start by force closing any/all devices & apps you may have previously connected the Rival. Then launch TR on the phone and attempt to pair in the Devices section. That’s all I know to try outside of contacting support.


Make sure your Rival is set to broadcast HR data, too!


I think it is a Bluetooth issue. I use my Bolt and TR on my iPhone. Sometimes when the Bolt latches on first, I shut it down again, disable and re-enable heart rate broadcasting, which usually works for me.