Can't connect Tickr to Trainer Road and Elemnt Bolt simultaneously

This might be slightly niche, but as the products are common, perhaps someone else is having this issue too.

Bit of background: I use Trainer Road for my workouts, but like to record a back-up on my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt so that if I do any backpedal breaks it doesn’t skew my overall IF or my power/HR records. Also it allows me to monitor L/R power meter metrics if I need to.

This has worked fine for a while, but lately - possibly since a Bolt firmware update - the Tickr will only connect to the Bolt via Bluetooth and not ANT+, which means that it’s fighting TR for the bluetooth connection and won’t record any heart rate data. And unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to make the TR connection with the Tickr ANT+ only.

TR support figured out a workaround which was to disable bluetooth in the TR desktop app and connect via ANT+ only, leaving the bluetooth channel free for the Bolt. This solved the initial problem, but isn’t ideal because it makes my TR connections much less reliable.

Anyone else with a Tickr / Bolt experiencing this issue? Even if I “force” the Bolt to connect to the Tickr via ANT+, it then seems to default to bluetooth and has the exact same issue when I have TR open as well.

The original Tickr only supports one bluetooth connection. The new one (released about a month ago?) supports more than one.

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Interesting. Obviously I’d rather solve the problem without throwing money at it, but good to know there might be another way round it.

Makes me mildly suspicious that this is the solution Wahoo would like me to decide on…

Is that definitely true?

On my win10 pc my tickr shows up as two distinct sensors, one ant+ and one Bluetooth. I propose that you just need to “forget” the bluetooth version on the TR app and just select the ant+ one.


Is this new one or old one? Because I am having issue to connec roam with BT. I can only connect via ANT. I just got to and updated to latest firmware. Not sure if it is related to though

It’s the old Tickr.

This is what I get on Mac:

According to TR Support they deliberately have a single tile for both connections with Wahoo products but prioritise Bluetooth (presumably with ANT+ as a backup). Perhaps this is only for the Mac desktop app though and that’s why you’re seeing 2 separate tiles, but that’s just conjecture on my part.

Possible workaround from the Wahoo forums. Seems to have done the trick but time will tell.