Display RPE During Outdoor Workouts (Feature Request)

Making use of outdoor workouts. I have a Garmin edge 130 Plus and push my TR workouts to it. However, I do not have a power meter. Is it possible to get the RPE level displayed on my Garmin during the intervals instead of Power zones?


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Unfortunately it is not :slightly_frowning_face:.

We go in depth on training outside without a power meter here in this Blog Article if you’d like to read up on all of our suggested tips and tricks:


I think RPE is feeling more than actual numbers…

Some days RPE8 will be slower than an RPE6 for example.

Yes, That is my thought exactly! Which is why I want the suggested RPE displayed if possible.

How you display how are you feeling?
I know that after a hard bike wo, my RPE8 run is probably gonna be somewhere in the mid 7.
On a stand alone run that would be more of a RPE6.
Sometimes after a ride i feel fine and RPE8 is actually mid 6.
Sometimes i feel like hot garbage on a stand alone run and RPE6 is 8’s.

I dont know if that make sense. I would be hard to judge your legs on a WO.

  • You don’t.
  • Displaying a “Target RPE” could be similar to displaying a “Target Power”.
    • Each is associated with a training level/zone for the rider, based on their FTP test (and related RPE).

Here is my compiled list of levels/zones that include the basic names, power range and related RPE. So it’s essentially very similar, but altered to a more broad “measurement”. Yes, it is more subjective than a hard power number (or range), but it is still useful and preferred over Heart Rate use in many cases.

Sorry I think my thoughts are not coming across clearly. When you select outdoor workouts on your calendar there are 2 options. Power based and RPE based (pictured).
Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 11.25.41 AM

Instead of displaying my target power zones wattage (i.e. 200-250 watts) I want my Garmin to display what my target RPE should be for the interval (i.e. RPE 7). Is that possible?



this is different!
I though you wanted something like what my current HR or power!

Sorry my bad!

Thank you for the help!

I understand what you mean, but sadly this is not possible.