Wahoo Kickr Smart Bike ERG mode Broken on iPad

Wahoo Kickr Smart Bike ERG mode works flawlessly on Mac OS X but is Broken on iPad. Turning ERG on and off doesn’t make a difference.

Has anypne else experienced sth similar? Thanks

So is the Mac still paired to the bike? Only one device can control the trainer at one time.

BTW why isn’t this protocol better? When you pair with the device you should send some form of identifier to the device. I know you’re limited to a small amount of data so thinking something like the way Ant+ allows identification of device, a manufacturer number (i.e. TR has one number, Zwift has one, etc), platform id (android, ios, windows, mac, etc), and a sort of random instance id. Then when someone else tries to pair and it fails it could at least say who is currently registers so you would know what app and the instance id could be looked at in a log file if you really need to know.

The Mac was disconnected. I tried each device totally separately.

I’d recommend reaching out to the Support Team for troubleshooting this issue. They are the experts on this type of thing :+1:.

You can reach the team at support@trainerroad.com.