Trainerroad working well with iMac but not iPad


Been using TR for couple of month and love it. However, it is working very well with my 27” iMac (ant+) but whenever I tried using my iPad or my samsung note 8, I run into issues as if I’m using resistance mode instead of ERG mode.

Below are the screenshots on my ipad setting. Have I done anything wrong?

Hey there!

Everything appears to be paired up correctly in your Devices Tab so this is a pretty unique issue you are experiencing. I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team at so that they can take a closer look.

They have the ability to view all the detailed log files associated with your workouts, which gives them great insight into the cause of issues like these.

Thank you for the advice.

Will contact support team as advice.

Finally found the problem.

In the device setting, TR app paired with my Magene trainer
both in bluetooth and ANT+ mode. Once I unpaired one of them,
the ERG mode run fine.

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Appreciate the update :+1:

Happy training!