Wahoo KICKR shutdown?

Purchased a new KICKR. Is it necessary to unplug the unit when not using it. If so do you have to perform the spindown each time you do.

I leave my Kickr plugged in but turned off at the wall. I only do a spin down every month or so, or if I move the Kickr or if the temperature changes significantly where I’m training

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Same here, turned off when not in use and spin down every few weeks. Always do one before a ramp test.

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Sorry for this simple question but when you turn off at the wall you either unplug or have a switched outlet? Ultimately the lights on the unit are off when all said and done correct.

Kickr 2020 doesn’t need a spindown

Mine is a Kickr 2018 so needs a spin down every now and again, as said previously 2020 doesn’t need a spin down. Mine is plugged into a switched power outlet so I leave it plugged in but switched off - all lights off.

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