Turn Smart Trainer off at power point

I have searched the forum and Wahoo website with no luck.

Is it advisable to turn the Wahoo Kickr off at the PowerPoint after your workout?

Also if you do turn it off at the power are the settings from the spin down calibration lost?

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I turn off (at the mains) after every workout and have never had any problem.

I usually do a spindown once a week, but in between spindowns, no issues at all.

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i find it really annoying there’s no on/off switch on the trainer


Not much difference between an on/off switch on the trainer vs an on/off switch on the wall (or extension lead) :joy:


agree with you there

but it’s not the only thing plugged into the extension lead though so i don’t want to switch that off, i need to remove the plug. i’m not saying it’s the end of the world, it’s just mildly inconvenient!


As someone who grew up in a house having to unplug every device after usage, this feels more natural than hitting a cadence close to 100 RPM :stuck_out_tongue:
The low power consumption, sitting at around 1400 kWh/year or 430 EUR, and the environmental benefits do the rest.

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Unplug it is!

I guess I can’t blame the future struggles on calibration settings being lost when it gets unplugged😂