Wahoo Kickr Run Treadmill

Dunno, this treadmill looks very cool and all, but after spending a ton of money on a Technogym MyRun that broke in less than a month and then had to spend three months trying to get repaired, I keep thinking all these bells & whistles on a treadmill aren’t worth the potential hassle of having more electronics and sensors and things that can break, and that maybe a good, solid mechanical treadmill is a better investment long term. I would need to have a lot of confidence in Wahoo’s technical support before getting their treadmill.

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Is the tilt necessary or even a game changer for running? Maybe people will run some simulated mountain trail with lots of twists and turns?

Here’s what I’d like to know - will spare parts be available in 10 years? If you buy an Icon brand treadmill (Nordictrack and others) you can find parts for a decade. You can even find exploded diagrams and repair them yourself for Icon treadmills.

The cycling industry has been a big zero when it comes to electronics. You are SOL with expensive out of warranty trainers. $800 electronic derailleurs become paperweights… Why can’t the $10 worth of electronics inside one be replaced? Why isn’t there at least a mail-in repair service?

This keeps me from ever spending big bucks on a trainer. I’ll just buy the cheapest direct drive model and use my bike’s power meter.

(Other than that, it does look like a cool treadmill.)

For the “everything on Zwift must be as realistic as possible” crowd, I would say yes.

It’s not necessary or a game changer, but more of a nice to have. It’s one of those things where that little bit of variety might make the difference between finishing a long run or cutting it short because I got bored out of my mind.

Are there miles and miles of trails in Zwift or elsewhere that support this feature?

Are there miles and miles of trails in Zwift

Yes: Zwift Worlds and Running Routes

that support this feature?

That automatically change pace/incline? No, as far as I know, this Wahoo treadmill is the first time Zwift has implemented controlling a treadmill from the app. There are treadmills that you can pair directly to Zwift, but only for reporting pace, incline and cadence to the app; you still have to control those things manually from the treadmill.

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Similar in price to Technogym MyRun and bit cheaper than the Peloton Tread+. WAY cheaper than a Woodway.

It’d be interesting to test one out. I love the feel of a Woodway. Unfortunately my gym just got rid of the 6 they had. They said they were breaking down/needing maintenance more than the other brands they have (which could have been because they would get used more and harder than the others).

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I see lawsuits when people crash and burn on that 5th VO2Max treadmill interval.

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Definitely agree.

I impulse bought my Kickr bike v1 a couple years ago when Zwift was clearing out inventory so it was a big discount. Fortunately I’ve had no issues and I wahoo has good support but I don’t know what will happen 5 years from now if I have issues.

Contrast that with my concept 2 rower which all parts are easily replaced and the manufacture supports pretty much all their models that they’ve made.

So, how do I fit my bike onto it?


That’s extremely interesting. Definitely on the list of stupid stuff to buy.


This was really informative. Thanks for sharing.

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At this price point I’m surprised it doesn’t have a tracks instead of a belt.