Wahoo Kickr Bike Fun

I still plan on using TR low volume plan as my primary training starting in Nov but finally got around to connecting my Kickr bike that I’ve had for a couple weeks now to Zwift. Got to admit that was fun. I had done some TR controlled Zwift rides last spring on a Kickr Core to change the pace but this was fun. I still tried to ride mostly Z2 but let it go on a few climbs. The cool thing was how the bike changed angle to match the elevation change of the course. It added a bit more real to being on a trainer in my basement. I’ll be adding some Z2 rides on Zwift to augment my low volume plan all winter and maybe a weekend race or two. I’m Doc Savage - TR on Zwift if you’re there and want to give a wave.


Cool, found and friended you on Z.

Yeah, it is nice change of pace. Make sure to check out the Pace Partners. I have done some with them lately and it’s great. You get a super predictable pace, with other riders, anytime of the day. It’s restricted to Watopia right now, which is the best course, and you have the option of 4 decent paces to ride at.

I did 2 Coco (C pace) rides that are perfect Z2 for me. I did a Bowie (B pace) on Tues. It was almost like a decent group ride with some pace changes and the different terrain (flat vs rolling vs climbing) was more fun and kept me on my toes.

The additional goal of staying within distance to the pacer to gain more Drops is a fun game.

Funny I just watched a YouTube video by @GPLama on Pace Partners and hope to use the D as a cool down after strength training today. I’m old and slow, not you youngsters.