Wahoo Kickr Core Zwift One

Seems the speculation of the Core taking over for the Hub are now a reality.

KICKR CORE with Zwift ONE | Wahoo Fitness


I’m gonna admittedly be a bit cynical here, but all this sudden “cooperation” seems like two drowning men finally realizing that they if they didn’t start working together instead of fighting each other, they were both going down…


Cynical or not, I think this is beneficial overall to us as customers and might be a sign of a return to cooperation more broadly speaking (naively optimistic I admit :wink: ).


Heck, I’m just happy that this resulted in a firmware update for my purchased-in-2019 Kickr Core to include auto calibration! Not often a six year old product gets a firmware update adding a new feature…

Also nice that it bring virtual shifting compatibility, since I bout the Play controllers last year on a whim. And compatibility with different gear setups, as long as I can find a quiet gear between 10-, 11-, 12-speed setups.


Zwift buys Wahoo.

Then Zwifthoo buys TrainerRoad, renaming it TRAINRROAD.

Nightmare scenario, imo.

Considering the recent news about Zwift layoffs… I doubt they are buying anybody in the near future.


Well chuffed with auto calibration.


That name, wow, whoever leads their marketing/branding effort is smoking some good stuff.

Gimme this on one of the more full-featured Kickrs and I’ll buy it tomorrow. I want adjustable height (I swap between road and mountain bike on the trainer) and I want “rocker” motion (using a rocker plate now, wouldn’t mind getting rid of it for something built into the trainer).

Per the last bit of the DCR video, virtual shifting is coming to other Kickrs, via firmware update sometime at least (not sure how far back it will go, but safe to guess the Move, V6 & V5 are likely).

I agree that it’s probably good for us overall, but one thing Zwift did with the Hub was help bring prices down.

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He adds some more details in the article:

So, that covers the software side of the KICKR CORE, but what about other KICKR trainers? Wahoo/Zwift say that very shortly you’ll see firmware updates for the KICKR V6 (2022), and KICKR MOVE (2023) trainers released. Additionally, Wahoo is also working on the KICKR V4 (2018), KICKR V5 (2020) firmware, but that won’t quite be as quick. Again, this is all just using Zwift Play or Click, with your existing cassette and new firmware.

They’ll also release a variant of the Zwift Cog that can be swapped in other Kickrs:

But what if you want to put the Zwift Cog on a Wahoo KICKR V4/V5/V6/Move or existing CORE? Well, from a pure hardware standpoint, you can do that. But the upgrade kit currently sold by Zwift for the Zwift Hub has a different free hub body attached/contained with it than the KICKR series uses. That’s not a deal-breaker, but it requires an extra tool or two to swap out.
Zwift/Wahoo says to simply hang tight, and they’ll start selling a variant that makes the swap much easier, just like how it was on the Zwift Hub (Classic) to swap onto KICKR trainers.


Killer, I have not made it through the article yet.
Thanks for the info! :smiley: :+1:


@mcneese.chad You forgot DesFit’s video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xovqVyeGr0E

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I sure am glad I just bought 2 new cassettes (one for my rear wheel and another for my CORE) after upgrading from 11 speed mech to 12 speed Di2 a couple weeks back!

Guess I can always pull the trainer cassette off, pick up a cog and save the 2nd cassette for a spare! :roll_eyes:

Anyone looking for a like new 12sp 11-34 (105 level) cassette? :rofl:

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Thanks for the reminder. I added above, after finding it via YT search since your link didn’t work for me for some reason.

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Well, you just got either:

  1. A spare cassette for future replacement
  2. A great reason to build a new bike from scratch so that cassette has a REAL purpose :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good thought… but option #2 would likely come with a side of divorce papers! :rofl:


Sadly, I’m on a V2 or V3 (don’t recall which).

Hard to say, but I sort of doubt the old cog belt models (V1-V3) will get any of this. It’s reasonable to draw a line in the sand at some point, so we will see if they do that or go all the way back for this.

Unassailable logic right there. :sunglasses: