Wahoo kickr power vs stages power meter

It seems the wahoo kicker says I’m putting out way less power than when I had a magnetic trainer using stages left crank power meter. I went from an FTP 286 with magnetic dumb trainer with using my stages power meter to an FTP of 235 using the new wahoo kicker smart trainer. I’m sure I have lost fitness between these ramp tests but this seems drastic. Anyone else experience this drop in FTP when using smart trainer?

Comparing numbers from different sources is not advised. They will give you variation.

Given that, and your fitness loss and potential ill effects of your sudden weight loss, its possible that you get these 2 different numbers.


As onemanpeloton says…

Given the accuracy of the Stages 1,5% and the Kickr 1%. (As advertised, reality will be something else)
286 watt - 1,5% (worst case) - 1% (worst case) is already 10 watts. 286 versus 235 is 51 watt, leave you 41 taken the accuracy in account. 41 watt less fitness equals -14% fitness drop.
Depending on how long you did less training, 14% loss is not that bad.

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  • For clarity, the new 2020 V5 Kickr is +/-1% power tolerance.
  • All prior Kickr’s were +/-2% power tolerance.

We don’t know exactly which model he has (not stated in the OP), so I would estimate using the +/-2% until he clarifies that he has the latest model.


Connect both Stages and Kickr. Be sure PowerMatch is turned on. Once that is done TrainerRoad will record power from Stages and you will have a more fair comparison between old and new trainer.

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I think the rapid weight loss and not being very fueled for the ramp test probably were inhibitors to FTP drop. However I will move forward with it for next plan on TR and retake ramp test at the start of the next phase of my plan

I would but I sold the bike that the stages was on. Now only using wahoo kicker for power.

I have the gen 4 I believe.

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Two different power meters - you are starting over and can’t compare them.


+/-2% claimed tolerance then.

I would do a Ramp first thing in the morning.
There is nothing wrong with a Ramp test more or less. You get the correct FTP right away out from your setup now.
No need delaying that and fuel it well.


To echo this, do a new FTP test with the Kickr. The data is different, is all that can be said. We wish power between different sources aligned better, but it’s rarely the case.

Make sure you have the Kickr properly calibrated, do an FTP test, create a new season in TR to correspond with your change in power devices, and move on. What you have is what you have, so no point in wondering about the past.


Agreed. I start my workouts today on TR with the plan builder. Great tool.

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