Big difference between PM and Kickr...stick with Power Match or something else?

I’ve been using Power Match with my Stages GRX power meter and Kickr Core. I decided to record the Stages output on my Wahoo Elemnt today and let TR control the Kickr with its built in power. The Stages average power was 12.4% higher, while NP/kJ was 14% higher than the Kickr. I knew to expect differences but this seems like alot. I’m trying to lose weight too without much luck, and maybe part of that is my KJ numbers have been inflated?

What would you do here? Just keep using Power Match for the indoor/outdoor consistency and maybe knock down the KJ a bit when recording to Myfitnesspal? Does 12-14% seem like a big enough difference to raise this with Stages? Any thoughts are welcomed. Thanks!!

What is your calibration / zero offset procedure and frequency for the power meter and trainer?

When have you last done an advanced spin down?

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I calibrate the Stages before every ride with using Power Match. I did that today too along with the regular Kickr spindown. I’ll try the advanced option next time. Thanks for this!!

I’ll post the results after my next ride.

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For best results, make sure any spin down calibration you do on the Kickr is done with at least 5 minutes, but more like 10-15 minutes use, so everything is up to operating temp.


Thanks again for the help Chad. I can’t seem to find the advanced spindown as an option in my app, but I’ve been doing a spindown now after 10-15 minutes of use so the Kickr can warm up and that seems to be working well.

My 4iiii on one bike reads very close to the Kickr, usually within 1-3% +/-. My Stages is consistently high though usually +11 to +14%. I reached out to Stages to see if this is a warranty issue.

I always get the same offset when calibrating the 4iiii on my road bike. Does that indicate it’s reading pretty consistently? Until I get the Stages sorted out, I’m guessing the best plan is to use Power Match with the 4iiii so I’m getting consistent indoor/outdoor readings (on that bike at least!)

Thanks for the help!!

Most likely, yes. That means the basic conditions of temperature and installation forces with more load are consistent. I’d say that’s a good sign overall.

Here is a guide to the advances spindown if you want to try it.

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