Wahoo Kickr Power Spikes After Every Interval

I have a wahoo kickr 14’ version, which was working perfectly. As soon as I moved to my new apartment, the ERG mode started to have weird power spikes after the power had to go up due to an interval, it spikes it up like 200 watts over the target. For instance, if I’m going at 200 watts and the workout has an interval coming up of about 250, it jumps to like 450-500 and then slowly goes down to 250, this happens always (see image below). It doesn’t seems to happen when the interval ends up and the watts go lower.

I have performed spindowns, checked that the software is up to date, clean the optical disc & sensor, checked different outlets, etc and it’s still happening.

Hmm… Wonder if there’s some signal interference with your new setup? If everything has been working fine for so long and then suddenly doesn’t, it’s best to reach out to the support team so they can look at the internal ride log, all of your specific devices, and help look for firmware updates or settings that can mitigate that issue!
Sorry for the trouble. They’ll sort you out though! support@trianerroad.com :v:

Optical sensor?