Wahoo Kickr Core high resistance on low gear - first use


I recently purchased a Wahoo Kickr Core. After the installation of my bike on the Kickr, and giving it a first go, I noticed the resistance was pretty high. The resistance did not match at all with the feeling I have on the road with this gear.
Is there some setup in the Wahoo that causes this?
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I expect it is in slope or ERG mode, in which case the resistance will feel different to what you’d ‘expect’.

Without wanting to sound like a pr1ck - I suggest you should read the guide that will have come with the trainer to get you started - You’ll need an app on your phone, or pair it to your bike headunit to control the resistance.

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Would probably need a bit more info before really being able to provide any sort of meaningful advice… i.e…

  • were you connected to TR in ERG/SLOPE mode?
  • were you running off a head unit controlling the CORE in ERG/SLOPE mode?
  • Were you running off the Wahoo app with it controlling the CORE in ERG/SLOPE mode?
  • Connected the CORE to Zwift in sim/erg/slope mode?
  • etc…

Without some further information, most I could really suggest is starting with a spin down calibration via the Wahoo app and see if your results are any different. if you are in the lowest possible gearing for your bike, the resistance of the CORE shouldn’t be that hard… unless the brake is locked down on the CORE (which a spindown calibration SHOULD remedy)…

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I wish I could add a video here, but when I’m starting to ride and shift to the fourth gear from the left (and from then on all the gears), there is:

  • a lot more resistance than expected from this gear
  • the bike starts making an creaking sound in the crankset area

The first three lowest gears seem to be alright.

Firmware is updated V1.1.3
Spindown performed

My uncle noticed I could not reach my eleventh gear, which seems to be a set up problem that could explain the creaking sound (the chain is pulled too tight?) but that would not explain the difference in resistance.

For videos, upload to YouTube and then share a link here.

Are you using an app or device to control the Kickr?

Here is the youtube URL:
Kickr Core test 08/12/2023 - YouTube

From 0:07 I shift to a heavier gear and you’ll hear this creaking sound around the bottom bracket. At the same time, the jump in resistance is much higher than the same jump from those gears on a road ride.

As a test, I was jsut following the data in the Wahoo fitness app via ‘record’ and then checking the date in ‘Passive’ and ‘Level’.
I was not using ERG mode.