How best to adjust gears with bike in Kickr Core?

Hey guys,

All the gears on my bike work fine on the kickr core, but the chain rattles quite loud - in some gears louder than in others.

I’m wondering if this might have to do with the adjustment of the rear derailleur?

I tried to tinker around with it a bit - but when I’m not running any software it just seems super hard to get the pedals moving with my hands so I can adjust the gears.

Do you have any tips for me here?

Use the Wahoo phone app, start a workout, and set the Kickr resistance or erg to 0. Not near mine, but that should work just fine. Other option if that doesn’t work, put it in a gear where you get the chain rattle and adjust the alignment until the cog and jockey wheel are flush.

Using TR I typically just keep mine in the middle of the cassette and in the small ring and just make sure that combo produces minimal noise and not worry past that.


I have different cassette on my Core than on my wheel (11-28T vs 11-30T) and all I do is regulating the barrel for gear indexing. I know how many turns I have to make an then everything works silently. So probably indexing your gears should make the job.

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I have a Core and i find its rather difficult to get the bike onto the Core perfectly. But when I do, the gears work just fine. Before you start readjusting, make double sure the drop outs are on the trainer straight. With a wheel, I can lift the bike up by the rear wheel which gets the dropouts perfectly placed but that option is not really there with a trainer. Not sure what the best way is but I lift the front of the bike and push down and forward on the back.

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