Kickr Speed/Cadence After TrainerRoad Workout?

I’m going to try to explain this as simply as possible. :slight_smile: I am new to indoor training and have had a Wahoo Kikr for about a month. Last weekend I suffered through 30 miles just using the Wahoo app to track speed/distance/cadence, etc., and my readings were slower than I was when I started cycling last year, and about 5 mph slower than what I had done consistently outside for 10 days last month while on vacation (tracking using Garmin Fenix which is pretty accurate for distance). I felt like I was just slowly rolling backwards and trying to get back up a hill.

Then, I joined Trainer Road and did the Ramp test and then Pioneer 1. After both sessions, if I flip back over to my Wahoo app, my cadence and speed are insane (145 rpms? Right.) and 25-26 mph. Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea what’s going on? Should I just ignore the Wahoo app entirely and focus on the Trainer Road workouts and trust that once I’m back outside they will have “worked”?

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Essentially, ignore speed and distance when using a smart trainer inside.

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I swear I looked through all kinds of posts/etc., to make sure I wasn’t missing anything first. Appreciate it!