Wahoo Kickr 2018 issues

Yeah I agree, wait for the next model.
I am glad I bought the 2017 KICKR.

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I would hate to see them up and change models in the middle of all of this. If they didn’t get the 2018 right, how could they change models and make the next one right?

What they need to do is fix production or design issues. If previous trainers from 2018 can not be fixed correctly, bring them off the shelf, take the loss. Get this revision right and let them recover, then think about the next revision.

At first, I was worried about taking a hiatus from working out due to the issues which is the reason why I went back to the local seller to swap but the third one I went to Wahoo. They paid shipping, back and forth, I kept my trainer until then. I did change the washer, bolt and key, so it kept it not so loud but the wave of vibrations were there. If you think how much they’re spending in shipping, makes no sense to me that they would do a half ass job and send it right back out. I sent them an email letting them know I modified it with they’re kit, they asked if I wanted another. They were ready to send another after I just got my forth. Either they’re throwing money out the window in shipping or they are trying to get it right. Just the way I see it.

On another note, I was looking into stages power meters. They have an option to purchase extended support, just like many other manufacturers. I know most would scoff at this but I’d purchased it for quite a few items that I knew had a potential to bust (and it’s paid off many times). I personally think they should extend an option to extend warranty from the one year to at least two years to the 2018 owners at a discount.


Yea the 2018 Kickr is a beast. Shipping 50lbs both ways every time they screw it up isn’t cheap. If they are just shuttling refurb units out the door that aren’t 100% I can’t imagine that being a finance decision.

Edit: out of curiosity I looked up the rates to my city and it’s ~$70 one way. Maybe they have a volume rate and are getting a 10-20% discount… but $140 every time ones gives up the ghost will eat their margins real fast.


Add one more Kickr’18 customer here to the list of folks with a, well, I don’t even know where to start on how broken it is. I’m tired of writing it all out. Just received this week. Never even was able to get it going at all for multiple reasons. Have spent at least 10 hours working on it, researching issues, swapping cassettes, cadence sensor adjustments, no power, 25% of power showing up, spin downs on iOS and desktop multiple times, troubleshooting, videos, tickets submitted etc.

I just REALLY wish it worked, but the KICKR is: it doesn’t.

Is the Neo 2 like this at all?

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Hi, feeling with you after having 3 Kickr 2018 that all end up with a breakdown. Fortunately I got a refund from my distributor after this 6 month nightmare. I’m having now a Neo2, works fine so far after the 200km. Also very silent, I did love the flywheel feeling from the Kickr, but it is okay with the Neo2, especially the roadfeeling feature feels cool. And the best, currently everything is working and I can ride !


1st Post. I bought a 2018 Kickr in the beginning of October 2018. it worked fine until About 3 weeks ago when the bearing went out. I contacted Wahoo technical support and talked to them, sent a video, receipts, etc. 1.5 business days later I got an email that they will be sending me a new 2018 Kickr, which came in about 5 days. The new one seems to be working fine. I very much hope the new one performs reliably.

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Good luck, please keep us updated

Anyone reading this - go with a Neo. Constant problems with my Kickr 18 and I’ve been left without a trainer for weeks (currently am again). I’m training harder and more consistently this year than ever before and it is so discouraging and frustrating spending thousands on a trainer to have it sit aside while I ride rollers or my Cyclops Magneto. I’m fortunate that I have those to ride, but what a mistake going with the Kickr over the Neo.

Problems seem to be continuing. I bought mine in November of 2018. Long story short, the loud knocking noise first appeared 3 weeks ago. Wahoo sent replacement parts for the bike shop I purchased it from to do the repair.

The unit worked fine for 8 days. The 9th day…last Thursday…the unit failed. Took it back to the bike shop…Wahoo did a warranty replacement day before yesterday.

So far…two workouts…3 hours of work…some high intensity efforts…so far…it’s still working!!! I’m praying for mine, and all of y’alls…that we now have dependable trainers and no more down time!

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Did anyone so far found a way of solving the problem? I’m with the 3rd “broken” unit. The kit replacement reduced vibration bus as said but a lot of people, on descends the wave of vibration is till noticeable.

I really wanted to find a way to solve this. If the housing is too large for the bearing, do you guys think it will have long term damage if I continue to use it?

Many thanks for the support.

Personally, I think the washer, bolt and key was a band-aid. The vibration is another issue and then there is the power supply issue. I’ve never heard of a solution yet to resolve the vibration other than replacing it. I personally have not pushed it too far with the vibration and don’t remember anyone saying they’ve continued to use it with the vibration. Good thing, seems like these issues are slowing down, hope you get this resolved or find a unit that works for you.


Hello - I have a Kickr that is experiencing this issue but cannot find my proof of purchase. Any chance you would share yours so I don’t get hassled when I turn in my ticket? I just want to start training. Again!

My '18 Kickr Core is now 1.5 years old with 150+ hours of riding. This week it started clicking. Wahoo is replacing the entire unit at their expense. Frustrating but nice of them to support their product outside of the one year warranty. Let’s hope the replacement works!

I am on my third ( yes :three: :exclamation: )one now… have had it replaced twice for something breaking inside the flywheel. Customer service was amazing, such nice people but really sad that its a persisting problem, hopefully next thing they bring out is more reliable. Really like the brand and the people, and when the products work they are so amazing!

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To whom it may concern, how I fixed my Kickr: