Wahoo Kickr 2020 V5 users

Curious how many people are using this trainer as it’s been out for about 6 weeks? Have they solved the issues that plagued the V4?

Also interested.

Mine has been fine thus far. Very pleased.

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I’m leaning more towards this trainer as my finally-getting-a-smart-trainer-upgrade from my trusty KK road machine, but the manufacturing concerns still leave me a little leary–there have been at least 2 reported issues of crazy sounds right out of the box which isn’t very reassuring. It also seems like they haven’t released a firmware fix for the spikey power accuracy issues DCR brought up in his review yet.

The H3 was my original plan, but it has its own manufacturing/reliability issues that don’t seem to have been addressed either. It’s $1350 CDN vs. $1800 CDN for the Kickr v5 (w/cassette) and the Neo 2T looks to have got recently bumped to $2000 CDN…augh. :cry:

I’m loving mine. I bought it as a replacement to my Neo 2 because we’ve now got two bikes with thru axles and it’s works so much better than the Neo with them.

Absolutely no issues with it, easy to set up, pretty much spot on accuracy-wise with my Assioma pedals and quiet as can be. Can’t say I notice a great deal of movement through the new feet but that’s the only very tiny minor gripe with it.


I’ve been using mine 6-7 times a week since I got it 4 weeks ago and it’s been flawless. I, too, have heard of 2 cases with issues out of the box. That’s nothing compared to how many there were when the Core first came out and the months that followed (which I had, which developed the problem for me after about a year - I plan to see if I can get it fixed and then have it as a spare in case anything does go wrong seeing how long it took to go wrong last time!). I have a Climb, so I’m pretty invested in Kickr.