Wahoo Kickr 2018 issues

I haven’t had the knocking issues but my Kickr 2018 died on Saturday, issue with the optical sensor. Called on Monday and after calling back multiple times and not hearing back they finally told me today that there is a backlog in warranty. My new device won’t be sent out for at least another 2-3 business days. So I’ll be without my trainer for about 2 weeks. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

My third kickr is having issues. The vibration and nose is increasing. If anything like the last three that failed, I’ve got a day or two left on this one.

Wow. Sad how bad these 2018 models seem to be. Wahoo seems to be hesitant to add the vibration issues to the stated known faults. But I have seen too many reports (many from repeat replacement models) to think they are a fluke.

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Not sure if I should push through till failure, is getting pretty bad. Going to talk to local REI today, see what my options are. Personally, I don’t want 100 credit and a kit, I want it to work. Let’s see if I end up with #4 and test that 3% failure rate. So far, 0% success rate.

Yep, I was hoping to see the CEO address the vibration in the video with DC rainmaker. The key issue seem to be a pretty obvious and consistent clunk sound when it happens. My past two kickr 2018’s have had a vibration issue show up after about 1-2mos of riding. It starts gradually and now is very apparent and comes and goes in waves. I’m trying to hold out longer before returning my 2nd one and trying my luck on a third.

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We replaced the pin, bolt and washer, my washer was dished. The clunk is gone but the coming and going vibration remains. Going to put a ticket in tomorrow with wahoo.

In the queue for my fourth kickr, said it’s safe to ride until I receive the fourth and then ship the old. Glad it’s usable and they’re sending me a replacement before I ship. Hoping for the best this time around. Feel’s like that year warranty is going quick.

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Going to spam my own thread, I’ve already got tracking on the replacement kickr. I’ve heard people not get quick response but the support so far is on top of it for myself. Hoping the fourth will be the keeper.

Hi Guys,

Is this a problem you got? Just got it like an hour ago. Unit bought in November 2018. Did it only 950km

That means a replacement, is it?


Hard to say, but your derailleur is not adjusted properly. Fix that first and reevaluate.

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Please check more

That sound wasn’t there just couple of hours ago. Did on Kickr only 947km :frowning:
Maybe it doesn’t like sweet spot intervals :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

I recently started getting that same sound, but it’s on and off and doesn’t “growl” as much if I use easier gears.

Hi This is a vibriation issue IHMO . The clicking sound is much louder . Still an issue and i would contact wahoo support .

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That sounds not good, my second Kickr also started like this, a few days later vibrations began. I would say send it back.

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Always wanted direct drive, but… maybe I’ll keep my Snap for a while. It has been flawless so far.

Ticket with Wahoo is now fixed and i’m gettig new unit.

so I didnt know the vibration was a common problem, but I had it since day 1 and it only happens when Im on a descent on zwift (-2%) using the big ring and the smaller cogs, I can feel a vibration as if there were rocks on my drivetrain

And now with a week 42 version, bought on mid december and exactly 2000km in, Im getting clicking noises and it feels like the flywheel is wobbling, pretty sure the big circular thing doesnt spin straight.

At this point, if I dont get a quick response from their customer service, Ill get a refund and go with the TacxNeo2.
Specially when we know they are just reworking old units that had these problems and sending them back as brand-new ones, as well as people receiving their 5th! units bc all the previous ones had problems.

What I can see/hear are Vibrations - aka “drone sound” imho. I’m afraid there is nothing you can do to fix it but return unit.

As far as I was able to recognize (as a former Kickr2018 owner) it’s caused by poor design - bearing .vs. housing .vs. heavier flywheel. I dismantled my Kickr and found the housing seems to be too large for its bearing. Moreover the internal parts and quality of work are NOT what you’d expect for 1.200 Eur unit. Here you can see what you can (probably) find inside.

Note, the link above is not my photo, but my unit was in the same bad shape (ok, maybe little bit better) but definitely with some rusty dust inside. I opened my unit several times, cleaned it, was trying to fix, grease it, did my best … nope. Finally returned it to a supplier and bought Neo2.

And here you are some samples of Kickr I owned/returned … two different sounds/issues

Infamous “clicking” sound

quite unique squealing sound … nasty, but I was able to fix this one

Btw, I haven’t recorded vibrations/drone - which was the MAIN problem of my unit …

Conclusion If I may give you advice … return this crap (if you can) and buy something else.

GdF (sorry for my limited English)

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It’s inconceivable how Wahoo could shoot themselves in the foot like this.
Why was proper testing of a new design not done thoroughly so they could have prevented this mishap/disaster as I would call it. It is a PR nightmare.
They had a great reputation and a large share of the market.
If I was in the market for a trainer right now I would consider other brands and not buy a Wahoo.

I want to ask Wahoo who was asleep at the wheel/trainer.

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Surprising indeed. They have fallen a bit in the eyes of many, and some have sworn them off completely. I didn’t get burned myself, but have seen issues via friends.

Others I know also have good 2018 Kickrs too. Not sure if they will stay that way long term, but they have no issues at the moment.

I know that I won’t touch any Wahoo trainer until the next model at best. And that will be with a healthy wait to see how units fair in the hands of users (just as I did with the 2018, and happy that I did).