Have Wahoo fixed all the problems with the 2018 KICKR?


I bought one of the early Wahoo 2018 KICKRs and its been tortuous journey… resulting in another failure, this time there’s no power reading or resistance, along with noise and vibration.
I like the KICKR it suits my budget and I like the integration with TrainerRoad so I’m thinking of purchasing a new one in the hope that the problems with the initial production run have been resolved.

Could you let me know if you’ve bought one in the last 12 months and whether you’re happy with it?



I bought mine in fall of 2018 and have RMA’d it and the first replacement unit they sent me, but since the second replacement unit (~March 2019), it has been completely issue-free. The issues were both the noise and vibration issues common with the early models. I think your bigger trouble might be finding one in-stock at the moment, however.

I had an early 2018 which got very noisy after 15 months. They replaced and my current one build Oct 2019 is rock solid.

Thanks for the reply. Did they replace it out of warranty ?

Yes I think you’re right. I’ve been scouring the internet and you can’t even find rollers at the moment.

Yes, both of my replacements were done under Wahoo’s warranty.

Thanks. I’ve raised a case with them but as yet no reply.
Let’s hope there’s something they can do …

I bought a refurb’d kickr 2018 around the start of april, it’s seen almost 60 hours of use since and it’s been solid but maybe a bit noisier than I thought it would be… quieter than my cycleops fluid trainer but still… It wasn’t quite as quiet as I’d hoped but part of that is my wood house, it got a lot quieter when I put some thick rubber under my bike and moved the trainer close to an outside wall.

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Bought mine a few weeks ago in the UK (luckily). Fault-free so far.

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Yes, I was lucky as it was 15 months old. However from the serial number it was obvious it was a very early release and I think most at that time had been replaced already.
They were very good about it. No hassle whatsoever.

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Just thought I’d post a quick update… Wahoo have come through for me on this and providing a replacement unit. I have to say that as its out of warranty I was expecting the worst.
Hope to have a replacement unit in about a week…
Kudos to Wahoo for excellent product support and going the extra mile!

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Mine has been fine since March 2019 with a significant amount of use

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I’m on my third KICKR but their customer service has always been first rate. If I were doing it again… I’d probably get the Tacx model but it’s a good unit. For whatever reason, my power is consistently a couple percent lower than my Favero pedals but overall I can’t complain too much.

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