Wahoo kick2018.....Gradually into bad blood

I purchased kickr2018 in July 2019
Only after the first month of use, I encountered the problem of bearing wear
Until now 2020 June
People continue to encounter bearing or vibration problems
wahoo Is also sending kickers with design flaws to consumers
kickr2018 Is no longer a durable product
kickr2018 Whether to make wahoo gradually become Theranos ( bad blood)

I’m hearing 2021 version of Kikr is coming out soon. I’m waiting for the new version to replace my original kikr. I expect it closer to Fall 2020

With all the issues that Wahoo experienced with current gen, I highly doubt that we’ll see issues with upcoming gen.

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I seem to repeat this mantra for every cycling product ever made.


Makes me wonder if these things are really sensitive to being used on a totally level surface. I"m thinking that heavy spinning flywheel and the frame do not like any tilt whatsoever. I wonder if they test durability with the machine at a 2-3deg angle like most people’s basement floors.

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As a partly educated guess, I highly doubt that they need to be “perfectly level”. If that were true, and a real problem, it would be in their best interest to specify that to customers. To my knowledge, I have seen no requirement for any trainer or smart bike with respect to maximum lean angle for install.

Keep in mind that Wahoo in particular had 3 models (Kickr 2014, 2016, 2017) that were sold with minimal issues (and many thousands in use for years since it is the best selling trainer in the category). That cogged belt and pulley design served them well. The large upswing of issues came with the redesign of the Kickr 2018 and it’s alternate grooved pulley design, intended to make it much quieter. It achieved that goal, but showed notable problems and failures. I suspect it has to do with the change in belt tension required for the new design, and who knows what other factors.

All that is to say, that the 3 previous generation trainers served well in any number conditions and lean angles (to include use on rocker plates in motion) and we saw not major trend like we saw with the K18. Add to that trainers from other brands and we see that there are a wide range of uses where I suspect the trainers aren’t dead level in all cases, and I can’t see how it would lead to what we see in the K18.