I keep breaking wahoo kickrs? (2018)

Problem statement: Is doing trainerroad workouts on ERG mode with power match all the time bad for the health of the 2018 wahoo kickr?

Background: I’m on my 2nd wahoo kickr now. I purchased the first one new on president’s day this year and it developed the typical noise of the key replacement fix in the first workout. I brought it to the LBS and they fixed it. It then developed a second vibration, which appeared to be due to a nut over-tightened as to warping a washer on the internal mechanism. LBS fixed this too. After a few more workouts, it developed a metallic squeak. LBS helped me get a replacement unit from Wahoo. Yay!

The new unit developed a moderately occasional rumble that vibrates the floor of the apartment after 3-4 weeks of workouts. I went to the LBS to get the key replacement fix but it hasn’t resolved the issue. I purchased this unit for erg mode and to be quiet because I live in an apartment. I can’t think of what I might be doing that is ‘breaking’ these kickrs. I’m not some wattage beast, I am currently following Full distance triathlon low volume plan at an FTP of 266.

I want to reach out to the trainerroad community and see if anybody has any other advice before I go back the LBS for a 5th time.

Edit: I really really really like these devices… when they don’t make strange noises.

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