Wahoo's warranty

I’m not sure where to put this, and I hope this post is allowed, and others can benefit from this post. My Kickr Snap when t’s up on me during the first two weeks. I upgraded and exchanged for the 2018 Kickr in January, and this thing just went t’s up on me. I was about to wash my hands of Wahoo, but I heard back from them today, and what they told me is this:

“…I 100% understand the conundrum for you here. Reflecting back on our conversation from yesterday, and to address the warranty side of things, we will always stand by our warranty and support our customers. Especially if it happens to be a ‘known’ issue. With that being said, if 2020 rolls around, and your trainer begins to exhibit behaviors that have been a factor in you having exchanged and received multiple trainers, we will still honor that warranty. We are pulling trainers straight from the warehouse, and testing them in-house prior to shipping. Therefore, you shouldn’t run into the same issue again…”

Yes, this is a bit annoying that I’m having to ship back a 2nd trainer, but they do stand by their product. For those of you who have warranty issues, it appears that are more than willing to work with you to get you a new product, even after their 1-year warranty expires. I was going to wash my hands of Wahoo until I received this message from them. It’s back to the KK fluid machine, until next week when my new machine gets to my house. I will keep ya’ll posted.


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