Issues Kickr 18

I recently bought a Kickr 18, perfect, very smoothly in comparition with the 17 version. I trained saturday and everything worked perfectly. Today i update the software version and i was going to start and noticed a weird sound in the flywheel. Im scared because i bought 10 for a indoor training center and 3 of them started to sound in this way (IMG_0506.MOV - Google Drive).

Somebody with the same issue?

The 18 version will have a bug?


It seems like that’s not an uncommon issue with the KICKR 2018 and KICKR Core. Apparently the problem is known to Wahoo. However, some people have sent the trainer back to Wahoo and then end up getting it replaced with another broken/ticking unit.

I’ve been dealing with a tick (on a KICKR Core) once per flywheel revolution and am waiting for Wahoo to sort out the issue fully before sending it in for replacement.

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Yup, known issue.

Contact Wahoo support (include the clip for reference) and work with them for a replacement (or repair as they are offering that in some cases as well).

I had the same issue with the first Kickr Core they sent to me - they sent me a free replacement that doesn’t have the issue. Think as @mcneese.chad said that it is a known manufacturing problem. If you have video they should take care of you quickly